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Chasing That Star

"Loving you is the most precious memory that I can keep, but I need to burn this out my feelings, and never let anyone know about this sin. I love you but I need to let you go.

Goodbye and let's continue this forbidden love to our next journey of life."

I know from the very beginning, our love will not work... but I insist, we insist, even though all are against this all-so-called sinful love that we build.

I told him to stop, but he said he'll fight for


Loving him is the most beautiful thing that I did.

He is my precious Rose with a lot of torn. He is the knight, and I am the foe. Our family is the lightning in a thunder storm, and we are just a small lamp between those storms.

Our love is a tsunami that can ruin our family, what a disgrace to this family?!

They call us incest, but we call this great attachment that bloom into exceedingly love of affair.

We know that this love is a sin, but we still continue this for real. Our family told us that we are filthy, and they even disowned the two of us, but keep.

Now I realize we can't really be together. I am setting you free, and please hate me utmost. I am now tired of chasing you, casing the star that I’ve dreamed to have.

Chasing the love that we build, chasing the trust of our family that we neglected. I am now ending this forbidden love that we all know I started.

Let's just settle for being brother and sister. Nothing more, and hopefully be less.

Let's just forget the past, and let's pretend that we don't know each other that both of us will benefit at the end.

Let's end this sinful love as early as now, when everyone doesn't know about this sin that both of us construct.

These loves that bring us warm feeling. This love that both of us had been chosen from the past.

This love that makes us sacrifice a lot, but I am now neglecting this, and never going to fix this sin ever again.

I love you, but this is the end of our hard and painful journey....

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