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Feminism is more than just a fight for women rights. It is a plea for equality and when such a thing is demanded the balance has to weight equally on both sides.
Feminism is as much empowerment for the oppressed males as it is for females.


Feminism is often labeled as domination

those powerful and mighty are also scared of oppression.

It's rather a tool for promoting equality

not to be confused with a weapon to sharpen the existing duality.

A balance that weighs genders impartially

Feminism is a plea to see humans before their sexuality.

Women don't need to be 'a man' to take care of their family

and he is not a 'girl' if emotions easily make his eyes teary.

Strength and muscles are not the contradictions to feminity

and being emotional and sensitive does not reduce his masculinity.

Housewife or househusband both are equally cool

and their choice of profession doesn't have to follow any specific rule.

Her name is her identity and she can opt for no alterations

and he is not bound to always act as per lineal expectations.

Earning a higher pay check does not make her bossy

and choosing to share household chores is not less manly.

Society needs to change its mentality

not only for one but for both equally.

Women safety is important I agree

but what about men who suffer?

Aren't their hushed screams meant to be set free!

She still has a career after she becomes a mother

and no, the identity of a child is not dependent on the name of his father.

Her charm is not bound by those fickle beauty norms

and he is more handsome when being gentle and soft.

Stereotypes, traditions, cultures and moulds

they make us miserable, who are we trying to fool?

Feminism maybe understood differently everywhere

but it is not so difficult to get the meaning being conveyed.

It is asking you to be fair and open your heads

we've suffered enough, now equality needs the space.

Feminism is not loud, neither is it unnecessary

it's no good in treating human beings as an accessory.

Feminism is no threat, it won't deprive you of your right

it's a fight, a struggle, a revolt that is started to finally end the long tyrant night!

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