The Golden Light

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alexthewriter Just a bisexual future author.
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A cute little short story I decided to make.

The Golden Light

There once was a dragon. This dragon was everything every other creature wanted to be; smart, cute, fast, strong, and as soft and kind as a perfect morning glow.

But as any other creature, the dragon had a secret. He couldn't find the golden light.

The golden light was supposed to be beautiful and radiant, and if you looked closely, you would see your heart's true desire.

All other creatures found this magnificent light when they were happy, and told the tales of how it appeared to them, but the dragon couldn't find it.

As much as he wanted to bask in its adoring glimmer to see his heart's true desire, he couldn't find it.

This filled him with absolute despair, and as his journey came to a close, the dragon concluded that he was never meant to see the golden light.

The despair slowly turned to nothing, as he felt nothing but numbness as he began to slowly wander back home.

That is, until he met the most astonishingly handsome nymph that ever existed. He accompanied him on his way back home until he saw it out of the corner of his eye.

The dragon looked in awe as the golden light enveloped the one thing that truly made him happy; the handsome nymph.

From that day on, the dragon and the nymph both lived together in peace and showed nothing but love and adoration for each other for the rest of their days. The End.

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