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One hot summer day there was a girl named Rias KnightWalker and she was bond to be the second child in the family to be the next Queen of nightWalkers’. (Alarm went off) “AHH!” “Ugh Mom can you turn off that stupid alarm?” “Sorry honey.

Kaimei HighSchool

One hot summer day there was a girl named Rias KnightWalker and she was bond to be the second child in the family to be the next Queen of nightWalkers’.

(Alarm went off) “AHH!” “Ugh Mom can you turn off that stupid alarm?” “Sorry honey.

Anyway get up it's your first day of school and i don't want you to be late” “OK mom I’ll be down for breakfast in a little bit” I said “Oh right your clothes are on the side of your bed and

Have a good first day at school honey and by the way don't get a boyfriend on the first day!" my mom said. "Ugh MOM." "What? I just want you to be save." "I will mom." (So I got up and went to the side of my bed)

(I got dressed and I went downstairs to eat breakfast and after, i waited on my cousin to come to my house to pick me up for school). “OK mom i'm done eating breakfast." (Then I heard a knock on the door, I open it up and saw my cousin)

“Hey Cous" I said, happy to see her. “Ready for School?” “Mhm” she said. “Ok let’s go then”

(we walked to school and on the way there we saw Maggie and Tessa) “Hey girls what’s up” “Hey Rias what’s new?"

“Nothing much, I just ate breakfast” “Anyway we got to get to class or we will be late” (I notice that Michi~Chan was gone. I didn’t get mad she always does that so nothing new)

(we walked to the front door and walked past Michi) “guys I’m going to my locker I’ll meet you in P.E class” I said “K talk to you later Rias."

Let’s go Maggie” ( to pass time I went outside with everyone and I sat down in front of one of the upper class men from our school)

(The bell rang. People started to clear out of the back area. We went to P.

E class and when i got there I saw one of my friends and my old gym teacher was teaching) “alright kids today we will be doing the Hula pass” (this was my worst fear I hate passing bc I can’t

do it.

As we passed the Hula hoops I noticed that Michi was sometimes all by herself so i was going to ask her to sit by me at lunch and we could talk about it and then someone else came up to her

and I was so happy that I almost cried my eyes out) “alright class time to go to the locker rooms and change and go to the next class” (we went to the next class and then Michi came up to me

and asked if we could talk after school.

I said yes, but we need to get back to work) -after that class :/- (It was lunch time) “Hey Tessa Maggie watts up?” “Nothing but why do you keep talking to Michi?”

“Bc she’s my cousin why do you ask?” “Bc she’s bad news” “MAGGIE…… that’s not nice why would you say that about Michi she’s a nice girl” “Right what’s wrong with you??

” “Well i just don’t like her look people can have opinions about other people” “Ok fine but i don't want you coming near Michi ok?

” “UGH! Fine -,-” (after our fight it was the end of the day I was waiting for Michi to show up outside of the school) -she came- “so what did u want to talk about?

” “ I came to tell you something about yourself and when I say it will you not get mad about it?” “It depends on what your telling me?” “Okay…so you know how your the next Queen, right?

Well, bc Of that,

you have secret powers and yes I know Its sounds weird but it’s true bc your mom has powers so you have powers so you know I have powers And yes I know it sounds weird but one day when

you mom told you to take a shower and you went upstairs and she told me all these things that u have all of the powers and stuff and more stuff-” “Calm down child” “Well then…...

that was really big news but I would rather my mom tell me than my cousin bc I mean don't get me wrong but I just really don’t want to know that.

It's much for me to take in” “Umm If i really do have powers than can you show me how to use them?

” ‘I mean I guess I can teach but It can get out of control sometimes bc your new so” “umm okay then how about you can teach me trm”

(that night I couldn’t sleep i was to worried about How to control my powers.

I wonder if I could read minds?

Idk maybe I can ask my mom in the morning) -the morning- (Alarm goes off) “UGH! MOM!

” “can you turn that alarm off it’s bothering me and I can't sleep” “Sorry honey but you need to get up for the day I don't want you to sleep in and what if your friends come over they

might want to see you” “Ok mom” (I got dressed and i got ready to start my day.

We went down for breakfast and then we told my mom that we were going to meet my friends at the mall we would be back by 10:30) “Ok where are we going to train?

” “We could train in my backyard bc it’s big?” “I mean I guess so” (we went out back) “Ok what do i do first?

” “Ok first you need think about what you want to do and try to do it” “Next you need to Reenact how you will do this in your head then breathe slowly” “Okay got it” (I tried to think about

an ice cube in my hand then out of nowhere it was cold outside and then when I look at the sky it was snowing) “AHHH WHAT DID I DO?!?

!” “I guess you did the wrong thing” “Ok i think I know how to fix it” (I tried to turn the seasons back but then I ended up turning the snow to hall) “AH!

I made it worse” (And then out of the blue i felt like I was getting weaker for some reason.

I took a mirror and I saw my pink eye was red) “Rias what's wrong with your eyes?” “I- I don't know?

” “Ok lok maybe this is bc Im nervous”’Or maybe it’s bc of something weird that’s going on since you have every power” “maybe but i'll try again” (I focused so hard that i was almost about

to pop a vain) -The next day- (we woke up and for reason Michi didn’t wake me up) “Hey why didn’t you wake me up?

” “Um he no reason” “Ok well imma go down stairs” (That was weird we always wake up together.

I was sad that day and when she came down stairs i didn’t talk to her at all after i was done eating my breakfast i went upstairs to my room and changed into my day wear.

I went outside and called my friends and said that Michi was acting weird today.

They told me that I was going to be alright and then Tessa said maybe if you give her some space it will help then I thought about it and I asked myself, am i that annoying?

I went back in the house and yelled to my mom) “I'M GOING TO BE OUT TODAY WONDERING SOMEWHERE” “Ok sweety” “Maybe she is scared of me I mean she has a reason to be I’m Devil/angel and I have

all these powers inside of me so?” (I thought maybe when I come back i could ask her.

Maybe i should test my powers I mean now would be a good time) “Ok so maybe if i try to turn into to something maybe it will work” (Then i turned back. I turned around then i said) “Hi……….

” “What are you doing out here?” “Well i wanted to say sorry for being scared of you and being cruel” ‘It’s alright”

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