Finite days
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Finite days Poem

By: AlexTheAsian21

Finite days

by AlexTheAsian21

Finite days

There are days filled with sorrow, and days filled with pain,

There are days without sunshine, and days with constant rain,

There are days I ask for forgiveness, and days I hide in shame,

There are days when I'm alone, and days when I'm to blame,

For all the nasty curses, they all throw on my name,

There are days I wish were different, I know you've felt the same,

There are days filled with happiness, and days full of joy,

There are days where I feel complete, like when I was a boy,

And all the struggles in the world, never got me down,

I'd run, play, kick, scream, without feeling like a clown,

There are days upon days that make up our life,

there are days upon days that add to the strife,

There are days that are good, and days that are bad,

Always remember to cherish, the days that are to be had.

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