I lay
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A poem about hate crimes against LGBTIA+ members.

I lay

I lay, beaten and battered.

My bones are broken and blood turned to a thin crust

On my scarring skin.

Each breath I took, shook and rattled my shattered ribs,

Like kicking broken glass.

I lay, sobbing yet silent.

For I fear what would happen if I let out noise,

Yet I can't keep the bottle of emotions from leaking.

You broke that bottle.

With every blow I took,

Each name and slur that rolled off your tongue like waves rolling and crashing into the sandy beach,

The bottle cracked more and more until it was shattered.

If you heard the bottle breaking, would you have stopped?

Would keep up the pace of brutal force or would you stop?

Because you know the pain I feel,

Because no one hurts others the way you do without feeling as hurt as I am.

But I can't take the chance to let out the sound of breaking glass.

You'll walked away like I was chewed up gum on the sidewalk soon enough.

After spitting and stomping on my dignity.

I lay, cold and confused.

For what reason had you decided I needed to be treated like that?

I was born in a frozen place,

Force to leave and find my warmth.

Yet, it was you who had yanked me into that ally, where you reminded me of that chill.

The chill that burns your back and sinks your heart,

As if the death has gripped me with its deadly touch.

Why me?

Was it because I was glowing with heat?

Me, finally breaking free of the icy grip of the past

And surrounding myself with fires of passion and expression,

Someone who is cinnamon rather than the mint of society?

Were you jealous of the coziness?

Or were you so cold that you needed to share the feeling.

Is that why I lay?

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