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alexlangworthyLife is a dangerous game, lets play.
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We start out thinking it's all going to be okay, how much more wrong could have we been?

Family lies, friends leave, lovers lust over someone new. How much more can we take? When it's just down hill from here.

It's just one shit storm after another.

It's a dog eat dog word out there. You're either the butcher or the cattle.

Whatever takes the pain away, right?

Because no-one really cares. They don't give a flying fuck.

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I loved this essay/poem. When my children were growing up and they would come to me and whine "It's unfair.", I would sing to them "Lif is hard is is haaaard." They are all successful now. They never expected life to be fair or easy. They grew up knowing there were no entitlement. They also grew up independent and hard working. Does this explain why I loved your work? Now just get over any bitterness and as for the shit storms, learn to make turdcikles and sell them to your whining friends. Life is great as long as you learn to laugh at adversity. I love the taste of turdcikles. Great work here!!!!!!