The sweetness of time
The sweetness of time stories
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alexklasCommunity member
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My first ever poem. Written for a classmate at university that I've fallen for. She knows how I feel. Deciding now whether to show this to her. Feedback welcome.

The sweetness of time

I see you now and I wonder why, How could I have ever been so shy, To see such beauty in such plain light, But deny my heart to truly take flight.

I will admit it took some time, But sometimes time makes it more sublime, To appreciate something you thought to be near, Then realise it to be even nearer to here.

If only you knew the power of your smile, To remove any sadness, doubt or denial, Coupled with eyes of brown irridescense, Showing a soul with the purest essence.

Though, do not presume I only think, Your beauty is skin deep as paper with ink, As what truly shows your beauty outside, Is an inner perfection you cannot hide.

For what is a smile without the desire, To raise the joy of others higher, As yours has done not only for me, But for all of those dear to thee.

Kindness, empathy, a genuine heart, To name but a few, but at least it's a start, For to express the extent of all your perfection, Is beyond even my mind, with all its affection.

Though, of all your wonders I could name, The only one I want you to claim, Is the joy you bring me every day; A happiness beyond anything words could say.

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