Silver and Gold
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~~~ Silver and Gold are enemies.

Silver and Gold


Silver and Gold are enemies.

It burns at first; the blazing embers in your blood that sear straight through, the much too sharp warning that you're in for a rough night, toots. You know this fire well.

It forged its way through you, becoming so loud in its journey that you can recount every second.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

You weren't supposed to get sick.

They did this to you.

They broke you.

You wanted to fight, to save people. This is your heroic reward.





Next is that flaring pain that follows every burn. The sting is almost unbearable, and no amount of cold water can quell its rage - this isn't a burn any salve can heal, you know, you've tried.

It sometimes feels like a thousand teeth scraping your insides bare, the walls of your stomach, your very life is being eaten from within with no way of really recovering.

The hunger of them is relentless.

Your face twists in agony, your teeth grit so tight they might crack.

Yet you don't cry out.

You'll never give them that satisfaction.

It's your only mark of defiance you can muster now.

The sickness burns.

A heroic trophy. Your only thanks.

A mark of duty.

Get it out. Get it out. Get it out.

You need restrained sometimes so you don't try to claw at your own stomach or arms, or legs or neck.

You can feel it under your skin, it's heavy now, lead. Somewhere it shouldn't be.

Your body is a forge, didn't you know? The fires get stoked, metal melted, then cooled to a hardened steel that can cut flesh and carve death. Only it is not your weapon.

You aren't the one wielding this sword. The sword is double edged with a call to your name.

You're the mark, little wolf.

It rips through your veins, rendering your limbs useless. A slow acting venom that ensnares you oh so viciously.

Medusa’s Curse you've come to call it for it turns you to stone and leaves you useless. Only you still feel every ounce of pain under that rock, you want to die.

But you can't.

You can't.

Fight it.

Keep fighting.

And when you're exhausted...Fight some more.

Then smile, because when it's all over they will fret and stare with those sympathetic eyes. You must smile to deflect it.

You lived through it again. You fought another wordless battle, despite there being no glory at the end of this war. No victory cheers.

You are alone with your enemy, the faceless killer who haunts your every breath.

Smile through the pain.

Smile to let them know you're fine.

Lie through your teeth, little wolf.

Play meek and defenseless. Keep pretending to be the lamb. Keep smiling.

You won another day.

Silver and Gold are enemies.

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