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alexkelley Community member
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So here I am just for you. I'm patient, I can wait just for you.

Just For You

So here I am just for you.

I'm patient, I can wait. Just for you.

Not forever but a while.

I want all of you. Right now.

I would say forever. But that might just tare you away.

If only you really knew how much I defended you all these years. Two relationships ended defending you.

I've always been here for you, since day one.

I never forgot about you, I'm still here.

I tried to come around even when I knew I shouldn't.

Every time I'd come around you, a spark with light inside me, and I always question myself.

And now here I am, just for you. With a fire now burning inside of me. 20 years on this planet and not once, could I walk into someone's presence and feel something so amazing.

Then you came into my life and I can't place exactly what about you drives me crazy, but all I know is you could tell me you love me, and I wouldn't question it.

So please,

Before you think I'm going to leave and hurt you. Just ask yourself this.

Has she ever?

Never, she's here just for you.

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