De Dal (The Valley)
De Dal (The Valley) stories

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The valley is cold and bleak, only yourself can climb out.

De Dal (The Valley)

The valley is cold and bleak, like a Norse worker in winter. “Abandoned, lost, forgotten,” I tell myself everywhere I go “Alone you are.” There is someone in this valley.

A ice so cold it cannot be touched.

“Gone are the ones who think they are alone,

But rise to the ones who are not alone

None are alone in this battle of life and death,

We just think that, placed in this world for a reason”

I stop to think in the valley of pain. Warmth fills the skapnings body. “So come with me, and see beyond the valley.” As I get up, I'm no longer inspire me.

The sun greets me like a new beginning. A shadow on the valley. With the climb, I struggled through I became strong ready for a new life and a new breath.

I look back at my past self like a ghost, a ghost who existed but died with the wrath of its own heart, thrown in the valley to burn.

Flames corres the beast crawling up its body.

All the hate screaming in silence

Embers glowing and sparking in my heart but dying quickly.

With the perseverance of my heart.

With a final scream, it dies “Last years, last day, last night!” The strength in my heart thriving once more. Steps more peaceful and at ease. I walk along the grass of comfort of others.

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