Claws near a Beating Heart Part #1
Claws near a Beating Heart Part #1 stories

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Set in rome a wedded couple cassus and Augusta face a problem that will change their life.

Claws near a Beating Heart Part #1

The sound of horses troting past the street of a poor wedded couple, Cassus and Augusta. The sound of the horses became enough to wake even the most heaviest of sleepers, and so it woke Cassus.

He rolled over and took a deep breath of fresh air and arose out of bed. As he looked around he soon realised his Augustus was not present.

His usuall smile faded as he faced the reality of the situation. Out of the blue Augusta burst into their one room house holding a large loaf of bread and a pitcher of water.

“Good morning Cassus!,” she bubbly said with a smile of gold that could flood the entire kingdom. A smile so genuine you cant help but to smile aswell, even in the darkest caves.

She skipped to the corner in which Cassus was laying and handed him a huge chunk of bread. Augusta sat down to acompany him in -to them- a feast.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you where leaving?” Cassus inquired.

“Well, I don’t know, you where sleeping so peacfully.”

Cassus gave Augusta a glare ( A loving one at that). Augusta was the type of woman you could not say no to or be mad for a long time for.

Her plump face and beuiful flowing hair was that of an angels. Cassus prayed to God for such a gift, a gift in the form of Augusta.

Cassus had longish light brown hair. His eyes where drak brown with a glow inside. His smile always made Augusta joyuss.

He was a very soft spoken man wich was very suprising due to his body make-up.

“So whats the plan for today?” Augusta quetioned him quite frequently to keep him on track. As usuall he had not made a plan but then he recalled. He wasnt shure what he would do without her.

“Im going to the grand city library to study.” This was a hobby of his. Due to that he was increadably smart. Last time he was there he fell on a large flight of stairs and broke his pinkie toe.

Cassus got up and brushed off his ill fitting clothes from the day before. He winced at how cold the floor was against his bare feet. As he consumed the last bite of his bread.

With a mouthfull as a squirells he kissed his beloved good- bye as he headed off.

The sound of the busy street and people yelling to buy whatever they had to sell. This time it was painted vases with Greek Gods. The smell of beef flooded Cassuses mind and nose.

He arrived to the library not to find the usual people the usuall people running up and down the large

flight of stairs. This time a large group of men surrounded an area at the bottom of the stairs. Cassus was rather tall compared to most so he could easily see over everyone else.

A man -abnormaly short- was in the center with a scroll and arrows in his left hand. Cassus had heard the man say,

“ People of Rome, the Ceaser Civil war has broken out on the Northern border. All men that wish to fight for the glory of our country and for you family.

All people that enlist will receive a hefty amount of gold in return for your service.”

Cassus almost froze in his tracks as he heard this anouncement. He could finally provide for his with the gold he would collect, and his family would be known and loved.

Cassus knew he had to join but the problem was communicating with Augusta.

As he whent about his “normal” day at the library he did not read of Gods and myths but of war tactics and ways of the enemy.

The walk home was one of the most conflicting walks he had in a long long time. Each step was a battle of the heart and mind.

As he approched the door his heart sank farther than he would ever think it could go. The creak of the old wooden door grabbed Augustas attention.

“How was your day at the library?,” she jumped out of the corner of the small house. His gaze fell down upon the ground. Her bright smile fell confused to his expression.

“Whats wrong?” Augusta quetioned

“There is somthing that happend today.”


“Well, “ Cassus explained what had happend before the library.

Augusta broke out into the tears and fell onto the bed. Cassus hated seeing her cry, such an angel dosent deserve that.

“I have to go, im so sorry,” Augusta understood but said nothing only a slight nod and barried her gental face in Cassuses shoulder.

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