What Would You Do for Love?
What Would You Do for Love? boyfriend stories

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How far does your love extend?

What Would You Do for Love?

The lifeless body laid in the middle of the room, stewing in the dank moist air.

“I told you I’d do anything for you. I’ll get the top.” Greg lifted the shoulders. “Never mind, I can handle it.

” Dragging the corpse backward, the heels separated the blood streak into three equal parts.

Courtney followed him into the garage. Her left foot stepped forward upon her hearing the muffled thud of the body colliding with the bottom of the barrel. The acid burned her eyes and nose.

Covering her ears did nothing to silence the echo of the sizzling skin.

Greg hair, wet and darkened in color, blocked more of his vision as he hammered the top into place.




He then tilted the barrel, rolling it from right to left, left to right, the sloshing sound subtle.

Rolling it to the back of the garage, he covered it with a sheet and stacks boxes in front of it. “You said nobody’s supposed to come up here for a while right?”

“Ye, yeah. We uh,” she gulped hard, “it’s for the winter. It’s a winter vacation house.” She stared at the hand he held out.

Once a symbol of protection and safety, it, blood stained, cut, and the beholder of her freedom, represented an uncertain future. “Wha, what happens now?”

He held her face. “I know you’re scared, but we planned all of this out. Now I’m gonna go turn myself in remember?”

She nodded.

They arrived at the station. No one paid attention to them despite the splatter on their pants and shirts. More eyes turned in their direction as they made their way to the front desk.

“Can I help – the man looked up, his eyes widening – can I help you?”

“Yes,” Greg said. “We’d like to report a murder. There a steel barrel at 2643 Yates Way. In it, you will the body of a 53 year old woman bathing in acid. She was shot three times, stabbed 6.

You will also find ropes burns on her wrists and ankles. You won’t find any DNA because she was careful.”


Courtney didn’t recognize the distance that had presented itself between them, her mind too busy recounting the previous weeks happenings. Everything began to click. Her eyes snapped up.

She was surrounded. “You said you loved me.”

“I love me more.”

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