The First Time
The First Time series stories

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No one forgets the first time they saw the love of their live.

The first in a series.

The First Time

Fiery Red Hair.

The first thing she saw.

A stark contrast between it and his pale, almost translucent skin.

It appeared as if he knew she was watching, the way he glanced over his shoulder and turned ever so slightly to his face hidden.

She questioned herself. If her interest was obvious. If her thoughts were being had out loud. If they weren’t unique in their construction.

Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t steer them away from the beautiful creature standing in front of her.

He liked to talk with his hands. She was sure red orange streaks would be present after he ran them through his hair. He was strong. Physically and mentally.

Large, well developed arms supplemented his immense vocabulary and healthy self-esteem. He had no shortage of confidence as evidenced by the number of women he talked to.

He was happy, demonstrated by the number of times he smiled in the minute she had been watching him.


A great listener, he didn’t spill many secrets; in fact, none at all other than the time his brother pantsed him during a pep rally.

Though he laughed about it, a speck of pain made his eyes glimmer.

She made a note to ask him about it after making a note to ask his name.

While waiting for her turn to engage with the sun of a man she received a text.

Sending her response, when she looked up again

he was gone.

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