For Tori, even if she'll never see it.
For Tori, even if she'll never see it.  stories

alexiscoxmy head is screwed on a little too tight
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I wrote it as a song and it's bigger in original form

For Tori, even if she'll never see it.

I carved these words into my skin, In hopes to keep my demons in. But when they escape, I cannot help, ut replace the gate between heaven and hell.

I do not care about my sin, I only worry about what could have been, if only I had kept them in.

I locked myself into a cage, Made from words of love and hate. I locked the crate, And threw the key. It's hidden deep inside of me.

You comfort me, when I cry. But you don't even touch the shadows lurking by. I put a smile on to my face, My only means are just in case.

Angels fight, But demons win. My soul is passed to next of kin. They'll take my sorrow, take my pain. It's a burden I felt just the same

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