Fire and blame
Fire and blame stories
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Fire and Ash, Fire and Blame

Fire and blame

" I didn't ask for this!"

" I don't want it, don't need it!

Auburn hair covered her face and hid her eyes.

"but this is who I am now, and there's no changing it"

Her voice was filled with defeat.

"I can't tell you I'm not a monster. Hell, I can't seem to convince myself."

Her head was bent towards the floor with shame

"but I didn't wish for this to happen to me. And I hate that it has to end this way."

The air was hot around her and her skin began to glow

Her head lifted and eyes were revealed that burned in the night

And in them you could see the pain. All the emotions she had hid for years. And all the hate, for herself, for the people who had broken her.

She was the definition of fire.

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