A beautiful nightmare
A beautiful nightmare beautiful stories

alexischaconcha Community member
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My first ever poem. Never thought about writing before, and out of nowhere i did this in an hour. Hope you enjoy.

A beautiful nightmare

I never felt this way before.

The love I never thought would end so soon.

Never thought I’d ever have to let you go.

But you told me it was the right thing to do.

So just like that, I lost who I thought was going to be the one.

You left me with a broken heart,

Sacrificing the love we both still have.

And in the end what matters most,

Is the eternal love I’ll always have.

Babe you left so soon,

But I know its for the greater good.

I never felt so empty before, it’s a void I won’t ever get through.

I feel so lost, I feel so narrow, in this cruel world that we shall travel.

I feel like I will be swallowed, by this huge hole you left in sorrow.

And in the end, all that matters are the dreams you follow.

The love I feel, can’t be described by words,

My love’s so big, I even let you go.

Sacrificing my happiness to the expense of yours.

It makes me feel so proud of you,

Making the decisions that I never could.

You are so perfect, even if you say you’re not.

That’s why God decided that you had to leave my life.

And even though it hurts like hell,

I’m willing to do whatever it takes, to see you fly, and reach your dreams.

If you ever decide to come back,

I’ll be ready to offer you my entire life.

Because the love we both achieved,

So pure and simple, so immense and true,

Is never ending, I’m sure of that.

Love hurts, yeah, but how beautiful it is.

-Alexis Chacon Chavira

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