Wolves Gate
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The Wolves Gate is a test all ninja must face, it divides the weak and the strong. Only the strong will win and the fierce dived.

Wolves Gate

Wolves rushed out of the shadows and lunged at us with much force. I stumbled back as the fear ran down my spine like a scared puppy when he meets a new family. I moved downwards to dodge a branch that came from across a tree. I had never been so scared in my life. I ran faster than I ever had before. “I must escape” I gritted through my teeth.

All of a sudden there was a great pain in my leg. It felt as if I had been stabbed a million times in that one spot. I limped but fastly trying to escape The Wolves Gate it was a nightmare. I wish my sensei didn’t make me compete in this trial this one year. Wait you have no idea what I am talking about do you? The Wolves Gate? You never heard of such a terrible place?

Who’s your sensei, Master Karen? Whatever that is beside the point. The Wolves Gate is a trial all groups of ninja must face. Whether they are fifteen or twenty they all must go through it once a year. But why we do it as still been a mystery only the evil sages know. They never give us the information though.

The Wolves Gate is a trial all groups of ninja must face. Whether they are fifteen or twenty they all must go through it once a year. But why we do it as still been a mystery only the evil sages know. They never give us the information though. I climbed along a large branch. So I could rest my injured leg. Right back to what the Wolves Gate is.

You compete till the last ninja is left. Hey, basically a game to distinguish who’s the strength in the village. Only the strong will survive but yet the fierce shall divide. An old saying by the old wicked sages of the forbidden magic. Now, I must say. It’s time for me to hit the snooze or just sleep. Fancy talk. Though sleep can be the most tragic way for them to end me.

“I must sleep with one eye open tonight” I chuckled to myself. When I awoke it was sunrise. The wind seemed to be flowing slower than last night and the wolves have left the deserted island. Not a person in sight. I sit up in the tree and looked down at my leg. It was worse than I had anticipated it would be. I hop down off the tree to look for some healing herbs.

The search for herbs. An easy but yet difficult search. You never know what sort of traps await in the abyss. I found some by a waterfall. I check the surroundings for one, other people and two, traps. There was zero signs of anything, Just a bunch of herbs. I scurried across the lake and took the herbs. When I turned around a large man stood.

He had a large sword and pointed at my neck. I large gulp formed in my throat as I tried to take a step back. Aching fear swelled deep inside of me. “Ah, seems the sensei’s little pet joined us eh.” He laughed evilly. “I thought he would make sure to keep you alive I guess not” the man removed the sword from my throat and turned around. What is he doing I thought loudly to myself.

“Wait..” I froze in my own thoughts. He is toying with me! He wants to see me suffer to the finale. Well, I won’t let him! I took my dagger and flung it at his head. It hit him and he collapsed to the dirty water of the lake. I walked into the lake as the cold water went in between my toes. I rolled the body over and he was sure to be found dead. I smirked.

“One down 99 more to go, this game shall be fun” I laughed maniacally. I walked back to the same tree I was at before. Searching it up and down for any traps. There was no trace of any. I sat back on the branch and tore a piece of my shirt off. I mixed the herbs with water I boiled and mashed it together.

I then put the mixture on the piece of shirt I tore off and wrapped it around my leg with my teeth. I let my leg rest awhile longer than went off on my journey. “Attention attention” A voice I knew well. It was a sage. I looked up and a helicopter was coming to the free land bay. The spot where they usually put healing items and other equipment.

“Meet me at Free Land Bay, there are items everyone needs.” The sound faded. If I went it would be suicide. It would be mighty foolish and preposterous. I could hear the racket of everyone at Free Land Bay. “More like Suicide Bay.” I laughed.

Everyone that left was an idiot. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I looked up at the scoreboard. There were 78 people still in the game. Excluding myself would be 77. I trailed off into the dark night. “There has been a change in the game. There can only be three winners of the same squad.

As we all know going in this alone is tough. Therefore you must a choice to have 2 other partners. But you must know if one of you dies your whole squad is eliminated from the game and you will be executed in front of the whole village.” The words he spoke so coldly. The cold wind hit my bare skin and goosebumps formed.

I looked to the direction the wind was coming from. Ah crap! I jumped off the tree and ran fast the other direction. They said that because they were going to form that huge storm. If that hits me I will be dead for certain. They want to rush the game. I ran faster and slaughtered a person while running. The blade of my knife carried the blood of the victim.

Soon I was out of the path of the storm so I built a fort that was storm proof. Not only did it prevent the storm from killing me. It prevented others too. I scavenged for food.

I then put the food in the barrier I had built. I sat down and took a nap. The fort was in a good location Only idiots would bother with it. I had set up traps outside of the fort. Traps that will be sure to keep them in their own tea. Teams were a stupid decision. One dies the whole team suffers. It’s not a guarantee the whole team with be cooperative.

So just trash the whole “team” thing and I’ll be on my way. I woke up around midnight and went out. Only the brave go out at this time for supplies. The brave idiots more or less. I checked the scoreboard only 12 people left!? That storm killed 66 people!? That’s absurd.Or the whole team thing was their worst nightmare.

ither way, it was ruthless. I grabbed a stick and turned it into a trap just in case the barrier were to shatter. Oh, 9 people now. Guessing the person that killed them had a better eye than the other. “Since only 8 people remain. It’s time for them to face who I really am.” A smirk grew across my lips. “I am the revenger”

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