How Can You Expect Me....
How Can You Expect Me.... stories

alexis21Community member
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A poem about my mom’s and mines relationship. She is always judging me and blaming me for things I didn’t do.

How Can You Expect Me....

You’re always judging me,

Criticizing what I do or say

So how can you expect me to stay

And lie about how everything’s alright?

I can no longer hold back these tears that I’ve been suppressing

When the sun goes down

I’ll take comfort in knowing that you can’t hear my screams,

For behind this closed door

Lies a dying soul

Whose ready to leave the pain behind

And is afraid to leave you as well,

But you’re always judging me

Twisting the truth in many ways

So how can you expect me to say

That everything is alright,

These tears that I’ve been holding back

I no longer can contain

So I cry the night away

And I’ve lost hope that our lives will ever be the same

Because you’re never there for me

When I look for you,

You’re not there,

So how can you expect me to stay,

And lie about how everything is alright?

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