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Here's to the Starlight Kids

Starlight Kids

Here's to the kids who learned how to take a screen off the window without waking anyone up. Here's to the kids who knew exactly how to get down from the second floor without getting hurt.

Here's to the kids that sneak out at three AM just to see the stars. Here's to the kids who love the night but fear the things that go bump.

Here's to the ones who wanted to be one and to the ones who might be. Here's the ones who learned the names of the stars so that they would never be alone, no matter where they are.

Here's to the kids that learned the hard way that even summer nights get cold. Here's to the Starlight Kids.

They're the ones who joke their soul is black as night, when it's really made of gold. They're the ones who respond to every 2AM breaking down from a break up text.

The ones who smile the brightest even when their minds are the darkest. Here's to the ones who's art thrives at night because only the planets are listening.

They are the outcasts and the misfits that are laughed at but make sure no one is alone. Three cheers to the Starlight Kids, the best friend you will ever meet.

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