Ran out of Music
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alexinthecorner bitter bisexual disaster, he him pronoun
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headphones in eyes down

Ran out of Music

headphones in eyes down

hands behind your back, just stare at the ground

"you're bleeding."

Incorrect, that's the voices feeding

blank canvas

how did it end up like this?

can't drink it off, can't sleep at all

no one ever told me how far you can fall

into the darkness

they tell me to fight it regardless

my pains not real, if they can't feel it

but hey, that's okay

I don't feel anymore, anyway

I swear, my life's a play


no music

take your headphones out don't talk

anytime you try they say stop

still awake at three o'clock

your body won't sleep and your mouth won't eat, you're a failure

"speak when you're spoken to"

"someone tell the faggot to look at someone when they talk to you"

feel pain

"damn, pretty boy's on the ground again"

"Hey man, don't make him bleed"

"not yet at least"

help me

don't let your pretty boy rot on the ground by your feet

do you have to kick me when I'm down?

I'm tired of being on my knees

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