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alexinthecorner bitter bisexual disaster, he him pronoun
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i wrote this a while back, this has nothing to do with my current life, but i wanted to share



A word that weighs heavy on our hearts.

It happens everyday, but we still don't know what it truly means.

It's a wound caused by the sharpness of a tongue.

It's a broken bone you've learned to stand on; because that's the only way you can run away.

It's when you try to keep your head up, but bags filled with hatred heavier than lead pull it down.

Discrimination is a word we can't understand unless it lives in our world, our lives, everyday.

It's everyday anger and sadness and fear being held up with the last bit of hope you have.

Hope, that tomorrow will be different.

It's allowing the hot tears spill out of your eyes and onto your face, but only because they promised to be silent.

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