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What it takes for sacrificing your eyes to a color-blind.

(Sorry for if it is awful)

Stay by Daryl Ong

by alexin30

There was a witch light from the moon, But it never lit up ever so gloom.

Down below, a rage was eager to escape my chest. I was by my window, yelling at it for all these mess.

Each nerve within me blamed the moon for taking away Everything that's left, even the memories I treasure began to fade.

The dark sky didn't reply, the moon gave me silence as it frowned, Silence of which, like when I tried recalling the voice I had known.

I can't help but ask myself, "What have I done wrong?" The question that dug heartache in the chest of some.

I want you to know that you were the smile and the pleas in my prayers, You were the bright colors in my dreams, but now a nightmare fear.

Back from the day I've seen the ink in your eyes, where you created plasma, where all hatred was stored, I know since then that I need you to see there's greatest things around your hated world.

I believed that there were colors in the world you knew, But you let the world change its hue.

That night I asked the moon to exchange our eyes. And fought back every tears of pain just for your sight.

The next day, I saw you all in smiles. Your world became a rainbow. But when you gaze at my direction, everything inside me broke.

Now, I have never thought my glass would shatter sooner, Because I didn't listen to the moon when it said you won't remember.

The sky was still dark, the moon and stars are still white. Now my existence was no more, but I'm glad you're alright.

For your happiness is what I always wanted for you. Even when dreams of you when I asleep was making me a figment too.

You told me how you love sunsets. And now this is our sunset, our dead end.

I was shouting my lungs out but the moon was not hearing my complaint anymore. I slumped on my bed in defeat as I process the thought that your days were numbered.

I sang, "Now that you're gone, all I can to is pray for you." I licked my lips. "To be here beside me again." With that, I closed my wet eyelids.

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