On The Run Chapter 2
On The Run Chapter 2 violence stories
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Reading the first chapter would be advised

On The Run Chapter 2

Jackson wasn’t ‘caught’ for the murder of his mother until a few months after the incident.

He was then put into a mental hospital, most of the time in a straightjacket until he was taken out of it as long as he was under supervision.

Once that went well for another year or so the supervision was dropped. The male sighed as he sat in the corner of his room.

It had been exactly seven years since he had killed his mother, not that she was the only one he had killed before he was caught.

There were many more, most he had covered his tracks so they were only reported as missing.

Jackson had gotten so used to the straightjacket that he had learned how to get out of it. As he moves he wriggled around, eventually getting out.

He stretched his arms a bit as he leaned back against the wall. “I hate it here.” He mumbled to himself. He has tried to leave, several times. Every time he has tried, he has failed.

He still had one more plan left in mind, and he made sure that he didn’t fail. Night was beginning and he was finally out, but there was a problem.

Jackson ran at full speed as he heard the sirens go off, ‘Shit’. He thought to himself as he glanced behind him.

The male knew that this was gonna happen, yet he felt like he wasn’t exactly prepared. After what had seemed like forever he had finally lost him, but searches will be announced.

He needed a place to hide, at least for a bit until he could figure out where he was going. Of course, with him out of the hospital, this meant no medication.

Those voices will come back, not that they ever left. They were always there, but the medication just reduced how often and sever the symptoms were.

Soon he came upon a small village and there it was, an open window. It was on the second floor, but there was a fire escape attached.

A small smile appeared on his lips as he ran over into the alley, looking around before he began to climb upwards.

He wasn’t planning to stay for long, just maybe for an hour, all depending what he was going to do with the person inside.

He could easily kill them with ease, torture, maybe just tie them up and leave them in the closet. Jackson didn’t want to think about it too much.

Once he was at the top he look around once more before climbing inside. The place was dark, the only light source was a small light in the kitchen.

Jackson had made a bit of noise when coming in, causing the male to live there investigate.

Once he had saw the figure turn on the lights he quickly ran over and covered his mouth, “Shhhhh” He whispered as he tried to keep him as quiet as possible.

“Now, I’m going to let go, okay?” Jackson asked the male as the other nodded. Jackson then began to slowly remove his hand, the other remaining quiet.

“What are you doing-” The other cut himself off when he saw a wound on the other’s upper arm.

“Stay still.” He said as he then ran to his bathroom. Jackson was slightly confused but no longer when the other had came back with medical supplies.

“It’s fine, really, It happens a lo-” He stopped himself before rephrasing himself, “It’s minor, it’s not a big deal” “No it’s not, it can become infected.

Please, just let me do this?” He asked giving a soft smile, his light blue hair falling over his black glasses. His red eyes looking up at the other.

Jackson noticed something about this though, one was lighter than the other. The left one to be exact. This caused Jackson to speak, “Are you blind in your left eye?”

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