33,000 food stamp recipients are set to lose their benefits

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33,000 food stamp recipients are set to lose their benefits

Roughly 33,000 Arizona residents face the prospect of losing their food stamps on April 1

New Rule: Adults between 18 and 49 must work

The new regulations mean that adults between the ages of 18 and 49 who are not caring for a child or do not have a disability must work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Maricopa County Will Get Hit Hard

Two thirds of those impacted in Arizona live in Maricopa County. The regulations changed for them on Jan. 1, but they can continue to receive food stamps for three months.

Officials Point Out There Are Exceptions

Students, pregnant women, adults enrolled in training programs, and those participating in alcohol or drug treatment programs are exempted from the new rules.

Food Banks Are Not Happy

Food banks have pointed out it may be difficult to inform everyone ahead of time about the change, because many food stamp recipients move homes regularly or are homeless.

Despite The Criticism, This Is Happening

Do you support kicking 33,000 people off food stamps?

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Liberal crybabies will find this unconscionable!

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Retired PA intake welfare worker. This has been done before. What ends up happening, counties/cities with the state say their job market is insufficient for persons to be working 20 hours a week. They (the city/county) get exempted from the regulation. Stamps as usual

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hell heres a loophole ::::::::: say a person or couple that have 3 or 4 kids in school live off welfare well they will still get food stamps for the kids but just loose the parents part , so now you have a family that was getting oh say $400 a month to feed all them well now they only get $200 because mom an/or dad are not qualified any more . whos gona go hungry ???????????