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I woke up today and the sky was green.

Not because some lunar phase but because it was a different reality.

It's weird because I don't remember falling asleep.

It's as if the sun went down and forgot to come back up and say hello to me.

Everything is old but nothing is the same.

I see all these familiar faces with different names.

I walk around the town of which I knew.

I went down the slide of my old school.

I went to the beach where we got high because we were damn fools.

I do everything to invoke the feeling of you

Every little reminder of our movie-like life is so bitter sweet.

I smell your cologne on the man walking by and think of your big arms wrapped around me

I think of my head buried inside your chest but then it makes me so sick I can't eat

Do I miss you or do I just miss the person around you? The old me.

I can't stand you but missing you is causing me to live this life so hazy.

The doctors say I'm going crazy.

They shove these pills down my throat so I can get sleep.

This can't be real, this world can't be real. How can the sky be green and how can there be no more you and me?

How can a heartbreak cause a break in my sanity?

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