Celestial Bodies
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We are connected, the crushed souls.

Celestial Bodies

Gently I sit atop a roof. I look through the universe's glass window and admire the view.

The lights from the city fade its beauty

But I can see speckles of Milky Way dust overcome the darkness' cruelty.

Venus, A flickering beacon of blue.

Mars, A blotch of red craving adoration.

Celestial bodies seeking my every thought and emotion.

Simply they are balls of gas but they are so much more.

We are bewitched by the stars galaxies and every meteor.

What some do not understand is that as we are bystanders of their beauty they are witnesses to human history.

Looking down on every war every famine every person every problem.

Suddenly I have no quandaries. I am numb.

Every problem I have seems so little and is now gone.

I do this to stop the anxiety, to stop the feelings of desolation, to stop thinking of you.

They see every lonely person that looks to them to stop the pain and connect the two.

So these brilliant balls of gas connect us.

Please do not feel alone simply look to the sky and just know we are connected, the crushed souls.

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