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alexesh55 poems are pretty cool
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distance is healthy

Faraway Town

I like this town,

far from home,

Miles away from the last person who knows me by name.

No awkward hellos

From friends or foes

Not a single person looking at me for more than a second

to see if I was the person they saw last week

Buying groceries or eating lunch.

This morning I was in the shower,

Full of 15 soaps,

All of which I would get no end from if someone smelled on me

Back at home.

I took a glob of each one of those soaps,

Put it in my hand,

And reluctantly washed myself.

If someone had payed attention to me for more than a second,

I would be given a dirty look,

Maybe followed by a cruel joke,

And I may be oversensitive or weak,

But words hurt.

In this faraway town,

No one would care

Or remember.

The mesh of smells reassured me,

For if I couldn’t discern what it was,

No one could.

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