The Mind of Alex 4.8 (Sheila Part 2)
The Mind of Alex 4.8 (Sheila Part 2) love stories

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Eric and Sheila

The Mind of Alex 4.8 (Sheila Part 2)

by alexdifferent

I saw his eyes, he saw mine yet I was so embarrassed. Anyway, we received our test results.

Teacher: good job Sheila!

Well I guess it's good enough

Teacher: "Eric top of the class!"

What! Wait! What! How did he

Teacher: "Eric you've really been on top form, I am very happy with your performance recently

Especially considering your mechanics skills!"

A fucking 95 what the fuck. I can't. It's not a competition but he managed to surpass me in the space of a few weeks. How hard did he study, how much work did he go through

Eric: "thank you miss but Sheila helped me out a lot, she deserves extra credit"

Sheila: "umm

No miss he did basically everything by himself, I was just making sure he got the content"

Classmate: "awww get a room you two"

e, however, do not enjoy getting laughed at

Teacher: "well whatever you two do, keep doing it"

Eric was also highest in-shop work, so good that he was actually being offered a scholarship, all he needed was a good physics score basically a B

I was now being teased as Eric's side chick at school

Rumours that the bad boy had forced me to help him and that he had a biker girlfriend had flown through the school that even I knew about it.

I was about to end high school and soon I'd be done, I'd leave home and never return

I mean I could have left long back but I was planning on taking my university tuition money and using it as funding for wherever I move to.

On the final day of school and I leave my physics submission.

Eric walks in with what I assume is a working combustion engine, I wanna walk out but he has to demonstrate it working, I watch alongside my physics professor as he adds the necessary fuel.

Eric repeatedly pulls a cord but the engine only vibrates

Eric: "I don't understand it was working this morning"

Teacher: "Eric if it doesn't work I can only award you a C"

Eric pulls the cord for several minutes, visibly sweating, I can see his biceps stretch in his shirt, he had worn a long sleeve formal shirt with a tie but well it was covered in sweat by now.

I was silently watching Eric, he seemed really frustrated.

He had seemingly done it, saved himself, I mean he had a working Combustion engine, I mean my working weight scale had nothing on this, it works and he gets an instant A*

But if it doesn't work then the prof can only award so much, I had thought about doing something like this for my project but I neither have the equipment.

Time, not strength to put everything together

Looking at it I thought about why the thing would suddenly stop working, I mean fuel being combusted to create energy used to pump turbines inside cylinders


Sheila: "Eric did any of the parts you got have some rust"

Eric: "well new parts cost a lot of money so"

Sheila: "Do you have any oil"

Eric: "yeah in my car, but I don't think it will"

Sheila: "quickly go get it"

So Alex probably used low-grade fuel, that combined with old parts would not be enough to force a stall.

He moved it from his home to the blistering cold outside then the science lab is a very cool 17 degrees. In any case, it needs lubrication, nd ask him to try again

He pulls and the engine has a loud roar, it's an old muscle car engine,

Sheila: "It works"

Eric: "yeah it does"

Sheila: "well Good job"

Teacher: "well Mr Daley, it seems you've done well, this achievement deserves an A but since you had help you get a B"

Eric: "that's good enough for me Sir"

Teacher "well done"

Sheila: "okay I'll see you around Eric"

Eric: "wait you helped me out again, can I at least take you home, it's so cold outside"

Sheila; "no !"

I make my way out, I'm not gonna allow what I know will happen to happen, I can't be in love, I need to leave soon.

As I begin my walk, the freeze is real, it's close to December and the snow is already falling, very few places had heating or electronic heating,

even though I had a large house I myself was also lacking some form of heating. Eric pulls up next to me in Chevrolet, it's not his car, it's his moms, and she lets him use it

Eric: "Sheila come on, get in"

e gets out of the car and walks towards me

Sheila: "getaway, from me! No, stay back"

In my head "please please come closer, please just come to me"

Eric holds me and picks me up

Sheila: "what are you doing?"

I'm thrown into the car and he closes the door

He gets in and starts driving

Eric: "I have no idea why you won't let anyone help you"

Sheila: "because I don't need your help"

Eric: "yes you do, everyone needs help"

Sheila: "yeah I'm well within my rights to refuse your assistance, stop the car and let me go"

Eric: "When we get to your house"

Sheila: "no let me get out"

I reach forward and try to pull him away from the steering wheel

Eric: "Sheila stop, what's gotten into you?"

Sheila: "let me go, let me go, let me go or I'll scream"

Eric: "no you won't"

I take a deep breath and make the loudest shriek I possibly can, Eric stop the car reaches back and covers my mouth

Eric: "listen to me, and you listen good, I'm not letting you walk in the snow,

you get me so you can either sit quietly or I can tie you up gag you and make sure you don't wake up when you get there"

I am quiet, just really frightening when Eric gets like this

Eric: "so are you gonna behave or not"

Eric slowly lets go of my mouth and turns to start driving. I sit up and just sit there, I am still really afraid of Eric, but I'm hoping he won't lose it like last time.

I guess the near-death experience is what makes me feel so connected to this guy. Maybe that's why, or the many hours we spent doing schoolwork together, I'm just unable to understand.

Eric: "you know I get why you wanna leave"

Sheila: "how did you know?"

Eric: "because I'd do the same too, disappear, a town which will always see me as a psycho"

Sheila: "you don't know anything about me"

Eric: "that maybe be so, but I do know what it's liked to be judged, and forgotten, to have people turn on you, without remorse, you're not the only one suffering"

I didn't think about that

We after a 25 min drive get home, the road takes just as long as a walk because there are shortcuts on foot

Eric: "sorry I had to force you to get a ride, just wanted to be useful for once"

Sheila: "yeah whatever"

As I walk into my house I know he probably won't leave until I enter

Like the gentlemen he is

Sheila: "Ummm Eric"

I don't even turn around to speak to him

Sheila: "do you like me"

Eric: "well I don't hate you, and I hate everyone"

Sheila: "could you come inside and you know Ummm we could maybe watch a movie or hangout"

Eric: "sure I guess I can stay"

He locks his car and walks in

Sheila: "make yourself comfortable"


Mom: "Well Girls that's how I met your dad"

Bridgette: "wait what, what did you do with him"

Mandy: "yeah Mrs Daley what happened"

Mom: "I'll tell you later, for now, you girls need to go eat"

Mandy: "I bet I know what happened"

She walks closer to her

Mandy: "you sat on his lap like this"

She placed her large ass on moms lap

Bridgette: "yeah and then Daddy put his hands-on mommy's big boobs"

Imagine how petite she was with her large breasts as a teen

Mom: "well these actually kept growing after high school, they were no bigger than Mandy when we started dating and they got even bigger when I had you, Bridgette".....

An awkward silence fills the room........,...

Mom: "woo that's enough for one day, your father is probably waiting for me downstairs, and I need to"

She quickly lifts Mandy off and runs out

Mandy: "ha ha ha"

Bridgette: "the look on her face though! Embarrassed with the conversation"

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