The Mind of Alex 4.7 (Sheila Part 1)
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How Sheila met Eric

The Mind of Alex 4.7 (Sheila Part 1)

Mom: "let me tell you baby how I met your daddy, I think you're old enough to hear this story"


So back in those days, your dad was the bad boy of the school

Essentially these were the 80s and it was a good time I guess. At least where we lived. I was a young southern girl and was not really that happy with my life, I got good grades.

our Dad though was rarely ever in class. We weren't the most obvious couple but that's life I guess.


Mrs Hartley: "listen to me Sheila, I'm assigning you to tutor a student"

Mrs Hartley was the guidance counsellor and after I had had a failed suicide was tasked with making sure that my mental health was alright

I had taken a bunch of sleeping tablets, I had been depressed and just wanted it to end! the reasons I'll talk about later but yeah!

I was supposed to be under strict watch, unfortunately, no one was willing to do so and short of separating me from my workaholic parents they couldn't get anyone else to check on me,

so they hit two birds with one stone.

Eric was this biker gang type of guy, he spent most of his time skipping classes or sitting in detention, ht was up to me.

Sheila: "there's no fucking way I'm gonna do that"

Hartley: "I know you're against it but it's for your mental health"

Sheila: "no way, I won't do it, I just made a mistake okay, and I don't wanna die anymore"

Hartley: "I see, well either you do as I say or I put you on psychiatric watch, meaning you get admitted into a mental institution "

Sheila: "sigh...fine who am I tutoring"

Hartley: "Eric Daley"

Sheila: "So you put the x on the other side"

Eric: "this doesn't make sense, like when are we ever gonna need algebra anyway"

Sheila: "Eric come on, you got the first two, I mean it's easy when you keep practising, like riding a bike "

Eric: "Nah I'm outta here, I got a race in a few hours, worth a killing"

Sheila: "isn't that dangerous ?"

Eric: "so is gulping down a dozen sleeping pills"

I'm not impressed

Eric: "everyone knows you wanna kill yourself, I don't get it, you have a nice house, a lot of money, sure you don't have many friends but come on, and you've got everything"

Sheila: "you don't know anything about me, you're just a biker thug, you just want to end up like your dead beat dad"


Eric looked angry but seemed close to tears as well. He had grabbed pushed me against the wall

Eric: "if I was to kill you right now, if I was to end you right here who would miss you, they chalk it up to suicide wouldn't they"

He had his hand around my neck and was putting a lot of pressure, I couldn't breathe, all I could see were his eyes, red from tears falling out I wanted to say I was sorry.

I didn't hate the guy, his father had died from drinking and driving, it was said that he deserved it because people had accused him of being a serial killer.

Given that the serial killer in question had been known to choke girls to death, at this moment it would be easy to say like father like son.

His father was acquitted of the accusations but it didn't change the public perception. The alcohol abuse started right after, Eric was only 10 when his dad died

I blacked out eventually I had already accepted my fate to die at the hands of a grieving son

........... ........... ...........

Sheila: "Eric I'm sorry"



I woke up, in my bed, I had a bandage around my neck

I was tucked in

Eric had left

In this big house, the only people around are my grandma who spends most of her days sleeping

Doesn't even know I tried to kill myself

The only reason I was alive was that her nurse decided to do an unscheduled check and saw me lying in bed,

she was well trained she noticed I wasn't breathing even with a glimpse and immediately got into action.

She saw the sleeping pills I had taken beside the bed and knew I had attempted suicide, A few minutes and I'd be dead, In any case,

Eric could have killed me but only truly incompetent police would assume suicide. ince I was on suicide watch.

I was a bit scared of attending school the next day, He actually missed school for the next 2 weeks. Hartley couldn't punish me because I didn't abscond the tutoring

he asked about my neck scars and I claimed it was a suicide attempt prior to the more recent one, she knew I was lying but realised not for myself

A few days later Eric showed up at my home

Eric: "hey! Ummm I'm sorry about last time, I got carried away"

Sheila: "Hey Eric I'm sorry about what I said, we can continue where we left of"

Eric: "yeah let's umm do that"

I was wondering why Eric returned to and I came to the conclusion that Hartley had blackmailed him into returning,

she had likely threatened to tell the police that I had been choked by him and that would all but ruin the family reputation.

We spent the rest of the semester every day after school spending time studying. Even after my neck bruises disappeared he kept coming, we didn't talk much

Eric had a job as well. He fixed bikes, small things really nothing too complicated.

He was doing it nearly full time hence why he was skipping school but now that he was attending classes and studying with me. It meant he lost out on a lot of income

He was helping pay the bills at home but his mom started doing more, she told him he only had one life and dodging school would ruin it. Combined with the blackmail Eric was committed

I don't know, what it was about him but the romantic feelings developed back then, his stubble, his Elvis like hair, his clear voice, even his physique was intimidating.

e probably liked someone else or had a girlfriend. I mean he was literally too cool for school

Eric: "Sheila Ummm why did you try to kill yourself?"

Sheila: "so the Russians lost the most men in World War 2"

Sheila: "wait that's not a history question"

Eric doesn't waver

Sheila: "look Eric I know you think

I'm lucky to have a big house, never worry about money and all but it's not all about that

Eric: "I mean yeah but if you were depressed you could have liked talked to someone"

Sheila: "like who, my parents are never home and when I talk to them they put me to some agent

Even if I get hold of them they tell me to keep getting good grades, all these years studying passing classes and for what Eric"

Eric: "I guess you could have talked to a friend"

Sheila: "every friend I've ever had has used me for money, they say I'm a slut behind my back, they call me shallow and narcissistic rich girl"

Eric: "really, well umm ahhh"

He wasn't very good at emotional conversations

Eric: "you can tell me, I mean we're always just studying, there's nothing I can do about the past"

Sheila: "Eric Ummm you tried to kill me"

Eric: "yeah I thought you forgave me for that, I lost control alright"

Sheila: "I'm sure you did"

Eric: "you know I'm just trying to help, I thought I owed you for at least tutoring me"

Sheila: "if you wanna help me, understand why Germany couldn't win the war for the history final next week, you pass that then I won't have to see you again"

Eric: "sigh"

ood riddance I thought, no more of that, hopefully, I won't have to see him again.

Then we still had the same classes, I sat in front of the class, as usual, but really it was because I didn't want to have to look at him.

I dropped my pencil in class and turned around to pick it up to notice him looking directly at me. He was sitting right behind me, he usually sits in the back.

We locked eyes before I quickly turned around and looked down to my seat.

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