The Mind of Alex 4.5
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Bridgette and Mandy

The Mind of Alex 4.5

I answer my phone

Janice: "Hey Babe, how's the party"

Rachael: "is that Janice, Janice! Janice! do you know Danielle"

Janice: "yes Rachael I know her, was she there"

Alex: "yes she was and Rachael here took it upon herself to make me and her uncomfortable"

Janice: "really that's my girl"

Rachael: "I was given specific, I repeat specific instructions to make sure you remained in line, do you think I wanna be here"

Alex: "well yes actually I do think you wanna be here"

Rachael: "yes I do actually wanna be here, but J he told me his friends blackmailed him to come, anyway your boy has been good"

Alex: "okay J what's up, can we have some privacy miss put it inside me"

Rachael: "fine, I'll go disturb the couple in the car"

She gets off the boot and opens the door

Ash: "hey, Rachael what hell"

Brad: "what the fuck, get out we're busy"

Rachael: "yeah, yeah do it, don't do it, I don't care, I wanna go home"

An argument breaks out in the car

Alex: "Yeah soo how is school"

Janice: "I saw my old roommate Sage, they were sexually harassing this girl"

Alex: "shouldn't you report that"

Janice: "I wanted to but, well, I just thought if Sage gets in trouble"

Alex: "Okay, well you can't keep allowing it to happen you know"

Janice: "well that's why I called, I mean afterwards the girl was clearly, sort of, I don't know, light-headed"

Alex: "well I'd assume it's trauma"

Janice: "my kind of light-headed Alex, the kind where she needs a release"

Alex: "what did she do, go to the bathrooms and masturbate"

Janice: "she found someone to help her with that"

Alex: "really, then I guess that's rather surprising"

Janice: "so what should I do, stop it, I mean I enjoy watching it so"

Alex: "okay okay listen maybe she enjoys it, why else would she react like that, she probably in the closet"

Janice: "you think so, I wanted to describe what happened in the bathroom, I know you'd love that kind of story, and what I was doing while I was watching "

Alex: "I'd love any story you tell me, by the way, I got kicked out of class today"

Janice: "because of Brad..."

Alex: "And Jerry"

Janice: "like that's so expected"

Brad: "let's goo Alex, fuck man let's go"

Alex: "I'll call you back J, looks like Brad has had his night ruined"


I was at the mall for the day, it had been weeks since the Alice incident, nothing had happened since then, I then met up with some students from my class, the girls were Bridgette and Mandy.

Bridgette was the blonde while Mandy was the chubby brunette, I remember them.

We talked a bit and then they made their way to the changing rooms, they seemed suspicious, given they had no clothes yet went to the change rooms, I was always on the hunt for a good show.

I sneak in quietly to the nearby changing room and listened, it's almost like I am always peering over stalls

Bridgette: "fuck I'm so nervous, is it okay if I'm nervous"

Guy1: "yeah it's cool, is this your first time"

I look over the stall, there are two guys with Bridgette and Mandy

Bridgette: "No really, I've just never done it with tinder"

Guy1: "alright, well I'm happy to oblige"

Bridgette: "you're so hot, so tall"

She puts her hand on his groin stroking a visible bulge, afterwards she leans towards kissing him and they share a sensual kiss.

I assume they met online and decided to set up their friends as well, and they are now fully making out

The second set had already begun and Mandy was on her knees, not long after Bridgette was in the same position

Guy1: "give me some of that "

He was gesturing for Mandy to switch places with Bridgette, tThe first thought in my mind was how on earth did these girls set this up.

I guess that was the point, it would make sense if these guys wanted the same thing, I wasn't able to look away though as Bridgette's starts blowing harder.

She takes off her top and unleashes her large breasts, she starts giving our second male a boob job, licking the tip.

Mandy isn't wasting time though, She was sitting on top of her dick, essentially running her pussy on it.

Mandy has a large ass, she had curves but was closer to the chubby side, but I'm guessing this man liked that about her, she was nice and thick for him.

He keeps spanking her ass as she grinds her pussy on his dick and she's in love with it, that doesn't last long though soon she was letting him penetrate.

Barely half got in before she couldn't go further and started moving up and down slowly

Mandy: "oh my god"

G1: "go slow, nice and easy"

andy gets into a rhythm, she still struggles to keep balance. Bridgette herself is having an easier time in her position, It was a beautiful sight to see

hey get the girls to on their hands and knees facing each other, while they line themselves up behind them.

They penetrate them as the girls kiss each other, Bridgette is absolutely begging to be pounded, asking the man to go even harder.

Bridgette: "I'm so fucking horny right now, fuck me fuck me!! it's so good deeper you're hitting my spot, fucking this tight white pussy"

hen allow her mouth to be fucked.

Bridgette would then bury her face into her pussy, I loved the sight of the throat job because the dick would bulge on her mouth, and then come out covered in spit.

Mandy's make up was running but it made it look even better than her own spit made her eyeliner run, she was lying down on her back so I could see her whole body,

her tits actually had a beautiful rose tattoo with her tits as the centre.

Bridgette was slurping on Mandy's pussy, her hair so messed up and even getting wet from Mandy constantly squirting on her

I loved it

I was already playing with myself and once again I'd found myself in another situation where there was public pornography in front of me, I thought I should record some of this.

The girls were now making out while Bridgette riding her dick anally while Mandy was in doggy style on top of her also getting penetrated from behind.

Mandy: "Bridgette baby, this is the best thing we've ever done, can we do it again"

he guys line up the girls on their knees and give them a very thick facial. I took my leave, normally I'd buy something but I was really too excited to buy anything


I was visiting Alex, and we did what we both love to do, played video games

Jodie: "I win"

Alex: "you win?!"

Jodie: "yeah I win"

Alex: "how do?"

Jodie: "game over"

I finish Alex of

Game Announcer: "*we have a new champion* "

Jodie: "told you"

Alex: "Jodie"

Soren: "you lost again"

Alex: "she plays this thing all day"

I was so happy because one

I love Alex, just as much as Joe and 2 I won, 12 games in a row so far

I was so happy

Jodie: "you wanna go again"

Alex: "No, I can only lose so much in one day"

I wanted to keep beating him though

Alex: "You don't wanna stop"

Jodie: "that's something losers say, you aren't a loser Alex"

Alex: "that's because I asked you to teach me and I was one of the few people who agreed to play"

Jodie: "yeah yeah spare me the details"

Soren: "How it possible is you two aren't dating"

By the way, my little brother Soren came with!

Jodie: "Soren don't make me tell mom what happened to her porcelain display"

Soren: "okay I'm gonna go now before the queen of games starts to go off"

Alex: "you really do bully your little brother don't you, also it's weird how I never met your mom, like all through high school"

Jodie: "I'm not gonna stop"

Alex: "he messed up one time"

Jodie: "he told our parents everything"

Alex: "he had no choice though"

Jodie: "and then he refused to admit he did it"

Alex: "but he's your bro"

Jodie: "he will learn"

Alex: "Anyway this was fun but I need to get back to campus"

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the student council and I wanna make it"

Jodie: "Can we talk Alex"

Alex: "Ummm sure but I can't stay for long"

Jodie: "if I divorced Joe and was single would you dump Janice for me"

Alex: .... (I couldn't see his face but I could tell he was stuck)

He is looking away

Jodie: "Alex.... Alex I know it's not an easy question"

He turns around

Jodie: "you don't look like you are ready to answer my questions "

Alex: "look Jodie, you've been my friend for such a long time"

So why aren't you saying yes

Jodie: "yeah I know but! You've thought about us right as more than friends"

Alex: "I have but, I wouldn't just decide to be with you because you're suddenly available, I mean I want me and Janice to work"

Jodie: "I see, okay"

Alex: "is that good, you're smiling but ...."

Jodie: "I'm fine Alex I'll talk to you tomorrow"

I cut the conversation and leave

what the fuck is wrong with me, I'm married, I'm happy but why can't I get over him

Some days pass and Later on

I get a text from Alex

Alex: _I know that you aren't okay, I've seen you cry_

Alex: _You looked close to doing it when we were talking_

Alex: _I'm sorry it's like this_

Alex: _I was too late to tell you how I feel and let you go_

Alex: _depending on how Janice and I go, I might regret that_

Alex: _hopefully you know I'll always love you and play with you_

Alex: _heart emoji_

Jodie: _heart emoji_

I stick my head into my pillow and scream

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