The Mind of Alex 4.4
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The Mind of Alex 4.4

by alexdifferent

Inside the stall

Boy: "in here Alice, why so urgently

Alice: "shut up, pull down your pants"

I peer over, just like I did in my daydream and Alice has Johnny's dick in her mouth

Johnny: "you're not usually this forward Alice, what happened"

Alice: "nothing, could you shut up"

I did say Alice is not timid, if anything she can come off as arrogant.

Johnny was however her boyfriend, last I checked, both really smart students at school. From what I know, schools male and female representative.

They started dating when they were forced to spend a lot of time together with school duties.

Here they were during lunch, Johnny had long but faded hair and was stockier in build,

during all this time though Alice would be on her haunches seemingly trying to treat her boyfriend to the best blowjob ever

The loud pipes and sounds of water flowing do actually hide their sounds, the constant sounds of her mouth taking his dick in and out are extremely arousing,

I can't help but touch myself whilst watching

Alice: "okay, sit down, Let me ride you"

Johnny doesn't need a second invitation, he sits down and Alice moves her skirt up and removes her panties, she tosses them away and is quick to start guiding him inside her.

Alice: "oh my gosh I needed this since morning"

Alice may have been motivated by her sexual harassment this morning. I was so horny from class and this scene was so good.

Alice: "fuck fuck fuck fuck!"

Alice started pounding herself, her ass slapping on top of Johnny

Alice: "kiss me!"

It's an energetic kiss, but with the way their tongues move it's clear they don't do it often, it looks weird but you can see the desperation in it from Alice.

Alice: "fuck it's not enough, I want you to spank me, spank my ass while you do this"

Johnny is non-violent, there is no way


his sound now exceeds every sound in the room

Alice: "harder Johnny, harder I need it, please I need"

With every spank, it seems Alice is getting closer to an orgasm.

n my end my finger is deep inside me and my panties are soaked, I'd probably need to keep them off, but for now, I was biting my tongue, licking my lips, fingering myself.

Alice: "fuck yes yes oh oh oh hmmm"

Alice however was well in the throes of orgasm, but it lasted quite some time

Alice: "I was soo horny"


Coach Marksen: "Bradley do you want to share your jokes with the class"

bit shorter than me blonde hair, some tattoos on his neck, his parents are politicians

Bradley: "no sir!"

Coach Marksen: "Then please leave Alexander alone, if you don't care doesn't mean he shouldn't"

I was trying to pay attention but Bradley was trying to show me pictures of his girlfriend Ash.

I was laughing because she actually was not his girlfriend, Bradley seemingly had a long-distance crush on her, they came from the same school,

almost felt like he was stalking her given she was a few rows ahead of us.

Jericho: "Alex, bro you up for the party or what?!"

Alex: "I'm not too sure bruh, I promised J...."

Jericho: "shush I don't want to hear another word about this J girl Alex, dude, come on, you and me haven't done anything in a long time"

Alex: "you act like that's my fault, you moved away as if I'm supposed to make up for the time that I didn't throw away"

Jericho: "that was my bad bro, but I didn't have control over my family moving away, but its varsity, are you not gonna enjoy every single part of it"

Alex: "I'm wary of it, just "

Brad: "guys Marksen!"

Marksen: "you three back there, please leave"

We walked to the open campus area and sat on the benches

I groan realising that there's no changing the mind of Marksen, he's been a hard ass since we arrived, anyway I go to the Dorms, I hate the Dorms, the smell, the noise,

the almost lack of privacy, however, the cool thing is the co-eds.

Alex: "well that sucks, I'm gonna miss another lecture"

Yes this wasn't the first time Brad got sent out but I was now attached to him since he needed me for notes, well now I'm out of the class so we may have to ask someone else.

Jericho: "Alex dude, come on, you coming right, tonight"

Alex: "I don't get your obsession with this guy, why do you need him there"

Jericho: "it's simple, Mr Alex here is rather good at making things happen when it comes to ladies"

Alex: "who lied to you about that ?"

Jericho: "you're dating Janice"

Alex: "soo"

Jericho: "she's a rich bitch"

Alex: "call her that again..."

Jericho: "calm down dog, listen she's probably one of the most famous girls from our town, surely you get that you get mad perks"

Alex: "what perks, literally?"

Jericho: "girls want you, they want to see if they can make you cheat, don't you get it, and if they fail they will need that shoulder to cry on"

Alex: "please take your dating theories to a class, wait a minute, you just got us kicked out, and can you sense my condescending tone"

Jericho: "you are always condescending bro, but we're cool like that, you think I'm an idiot, I think you're a know it ass"

Brad: "hey ash!!"

Bradley at this moment takes the time to chase her as she arrives from class

Alex: "yeah we are cool like that, really cool but I don't wanna go"

We remain silent and sit on the bench outside

Brad returns to us after a while

Brad: "so you going to Jason's party tonight"

Alex: "what are you on about, I'm not going

Brad: "yes you are, Ash is going so"

Alex: "no way"

Brad: "listen man! I know you're not into it but we gotta"

Alex: "Brad why would you need me there to ask her out"

Brad: "because if she says no I'm gonna get shit faced and someone needs to carry me back"

Alex: "Ask captain love doctor"

Brad: "He won't go unless you go"

Alex: "No fucking way"

Brad: "okay Alex listen you're gonna go or"

Alex: "or what!!..."

Jericho: "or we tell J you and Jodie had some fun "

Alex: "you wouldn't"

They look at each other before smiling at me

Alex: "I hate you both"

Jericho tries to fist bump me

I ignore his fist and walk to my next class




Boom boom boom boom

*Loud music *

Brad has pulled me to a party I didn't even want to attend, the host is Jason, it's being held in the parking lot of his house.

During this, I spend time just talking to Rachael since she was of course the only girl I could talk to without suggesting intentions

Rachael: "it's funny though"

Alex: "what do you mean"

Rachael: "that Brad likes her so much and she is constantly talking about him"

Alex: "oh yeah that is funny, it took them this long"

Rachael: "so you gonna stay here after mission setup is done"

Alex: "Nah, I don't even wanna be here"

Rachael: "why though, don't like parties"

Alex: "actually I like parties, I just don't like... them"

I point to Jason and his friends, they were in my opinion the biggest douchebags I know

Rachael: "well what they did to you that you can"

Alex: "can we not talk about this, like changing the subject now!"

At this point, Rachael stood up, put her beer down and pulled out her hand

Rachael: "then less talking"

I stand up and we go to the dance floor, it's fun for the most part, I am terrible but so is she and the beer means we just keep laughing at ourselves.

Soon I'm seated down, again too tired to get up, we sit on top of Brad's car, and as low facing up I see to my right, a figure inside, it's Bradley and Ash I assume consummating.

Danielle, a senior comes by, "ohh Alex I've been looking for you"

I try to pull my body upright

Alex: "why"

Danielle: "you said you'd join the student council"

Alex: "uhhh yeah I was joking really I mean surely"

I thought she could tell I was joking when I said that,

at that time I just wanted to make her laugh since I was just a senior in high school and she was a super attractive varsity and student council president

She's a Latino but her Hair is blond

She has an accent but is wearing boots, jean shorts and a crop top, she's imposing but holds herself respectfully

Danielle: "I know that was some time ago but I was hoping you'd join, barely anyone cares these days about the job, the school chancellor says I should recruit since I'm gonna graduate soon"

I'm actually thinking this would be a good idea but Rachael starts whispering in my ear

Rachael: "remember Rebecca where is she??"

While she's doing this she starts suggestively taking my hand and putting it between her legs

Danielle: "ohh Alex, I don't mean to interrupt you"

Alex: "no no sorry, Rachael is drunk Danielle hold on (I turn to Rachael) please stop that, Danielle if you are being serious then I'll be there"

Daniel: "there are other candidates but I know you personally, bear in mind you still have to prove yourself soo"

Rachael doesn't stop though

Alex: "okay cool We'll talk about it tomorrow "

Rachael: "Rebecca your hands are so warm, but can you feel how warm I am down there "

Danielle: "your friend here clearly needs some attention Alex, are you gonna give her"

Alex: "no no it's not like that, I'm gonna take her back to her place soon Danielle and nothing will happen"

Danielle: "hmmm alright, I'll see you soon"

She walks into the crowd, fairly difficult to not watch her walk away

Rachael: "put them in please"

Alex: "okay, you! I know your drunk, but come on"

Rachael: "it was funny, you couldn't concentrate, I should do that more right, try to make you uncomfortable"

I answer my phone

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