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The Mind of Alex 3.2

Janice: "once upon a time I was into girls, but that didn't go so well"

Jodie: "really, is that why you almost kissed me on the bed"

Janice: "Maybe, I don't know"

I moved my hands off her butt finally and moved them up her body

Jodie: "you're so hot though, girl or boy, who wouldn't"

Janice: "yes that's what they say, but they never ask me if I'm happy about it or if it's something I wanna hear"

I sensed that maybe she didn't like being valued for her looks

Janice: "they would say, Janice, you are so beautiful, never what do you like, want to hang out or do you need help"

I was also starting to sense Janice didn't have many friends

Jodie: "so what happened, did you not like high school"

Janice: "high school was alright!

It was a high school you know what I mean, it was different"

Jodie: "how different

Janice: "it was not great!"

Jodie: "okay I see well, do you wish it was better"

Janice: "I kinda wish I wasn't who I am"

This surprises even me

Janice: "okay that's enough call Alex we need to"

Jodie: "I'm sorry Janice" I genuinely feel this way

Janice: "uhuh, thanks (I move my face closer to hers)

It seems like I'm looking straight into her teary eyes, she seems as sad as I was when this started

She closes them and now I'm wiping tears from her eyes

While I do it she smiled

Janice: "I can't believe you are doing this"

Jodie: "why not"

Janice: "it's just girls are usually mean to me, so you know it's a rare thing"

Jodie: "why would I be mean to you, I like you"

Janice: "because I'm pretty right and because of Alex"

Jodie: "because you're genuine and you're actually a nice person"

she smiles at me

Jodie: "come on let's look at more photos of your boyfriend"

I pull out Alex's photo book and we spend the afternoon laughing about some of the goofy things Alex did when he was younger

Alex's mom (Rebecca): "Alex, Alex

Where are you?"

She unlocks the door, opens it and sees me and Janice inside

Rebecca: "well what are you two doing here?"

Jodie: "it's a long story Becca, but thanks for letting us out"

Rebecca: "wait is Alex now looking women in his room, ALEX!"

Jodie: "no no no it's not what you think, we were making noise"

Rebecca: "oh well thank goodness, wait were you crying, Jodie"

Women are always able to tell

Rebecca: "and you two Janice, why"

Janice: "it's really complicated Ma'am"

Rebecca: "oh honey call me Becca, Ma'am makes me sound 40 which I am but please"

She comes over to us on the bed

Rebecca "listen, ladies, women talk about being united and all that but being united is actually helping each other, not crying together"

Janice: "I mean it's hard to like trust women"

Rebecca: "it's hard to trust anyone, I can't trust Alex's father to not go to the strip club every few weeks or Alex to stop leaving his pornography open when he goes to sleep,

I think he gets the sex addiction from his father"

Janice and I laugh

Rebecca: "listen, girls, I hope that you actually talked to each other today because it's really important that you're honest with one another, not lie,

not smile and nod like your America's next top model, be honest be direct, sometimes being honest and direct means you, of course,

hurt each other but it's better than pretending problems don't exist"

Jodie: "well Jay and I were fighting over Alex that's why he put us here"

Rebecca: "why, have you met him, he's my son and I love him but he ain't worth the grief"

Janice: "Becca how would you feel if Alex heard you"

Rebecca: "quite honestly I'd tell him to his face, I mean I can't find him anywhere and he doesn't know where I put his medication"


Alex's thoughts; "I was able to convince my mom I was sick, but if she keeps checking on me I'll never get any rest, she'll tell my dad I'm faking and suddenly I'm doing double work tomorrow "

In Alex's room

Janice: "okay well for me I just find it hard trusting other girls"

Becca: "you wanna trust the other species who still have no clue what a period actually is"

Jodie: "could you stop" I was dying of laughter

Rebecca: "Okay listen, girls, Alex is just one guy, he's a great guy, but one, Jodie you are married and I know it's not the ideal wedding but it's a commitment,

and Janice I heard the noises you made in here, you two are actually quite similar, so I hope you become close to each other, also tell Alex when you see him I know he is faking,

I entertained him because he is doing double work tomorrow regardless, I'm going to sleep, I'm tired of searching"

She walks out, Janice and I are a mixture of shock and uncontrollable laughter


Alex: "are you going to the Fergusons farewell party"

Mom: "No honey, not today, you go say goodbye to your friends though"

Alex: "well how about you Dad"

Dad: "Sorry son, but your mom and I need some quality time"

Mom looks towards my dad, with a cheerful yet menacing smile. I can only be annoyed at the idea of understanding what quality time is.

So Jodie was going back to her home with Joe.

Joe had not finished on the farm but was taking Jodie back, unfortunately, I'd have to wait till New Year's Day to return which was a few weeks away. Jodie lived in and around the same area.

Anyway, I had to attend the party which sucked because I would be going alone and well a lot of people seemed to be coming, Jodie mentioned a 100 person guest list.

I am actually happy though because at least it seems that Janice and Jodie are now friends, better friends than I could ever wish for, Jodie,

Janice and Sandra are now a triple threat on the farm. Everyone has noticed of course and been ogling what could be the hottest trio.

Jodie has actually joined in the hottest girl games that Sandra and Janice usually do.

I would be surprised if they had yet to have a threesome considering Janice and Jodie's friendship started from Janice flirting with Jodie.

Alex: "Mom I can't find my tie"

I hate formal, but it has a place where it belongs, my wedding and the dumb dress codes.

Mom: "it's on our bed honey"

I picked up the tie was done, High Cuts, Jeans, Suit Jacket with a black shirt and black tie.

For the journey, I take the car, didn't wanna dirty my clothes plus Dad was willing to do anything to get me to leave.

I usually go at the time it says on the invitation and well coming at the time means you will be one of the first to arrive.

I make my way in to find the triple threat on their usual rounds of comparing each other's bodies.

Sandra: "you gotta admit J though it's a big ass, I mean look at it"

Janice: "Dree I know but this dress just doesn't work, to show it off"

Jodie: "guys I can't keep changing outfits"

Alex: "indifferent emoji hey guys"

Jodie: "Alex"

Janice: "Alex! Babe"

Sandra: "Alex!!"

I should shut up because these girls are crazy, well actually J and Jodie have a problem, Sandra I can handle. They swarm me and of course, all of them want me as a date.

Alex: "you guys do this every day, can't you calm down and..."

I don't even get to finish before Sandra moves my hands to her arms and glares and Janice

Janice: "hey that's my boyfriend you!"

Jodie: "he sure seems to like touching Dree though, you sure he's *your* boyfriend"

Sandra has very aggressive intentions

Janice: "Dree Leave him alone!"

She is wearing a lovely short beige cocktail dress with cleavage, white heels

Sandra: "alright alright go ahead"

Janice grabs my arm and has me escorting her in

Janice: "fucken hell am I ever gonna be with *my* boyfriend"

Sandra: "at least he actually is your boyfriend"

Janice: "I just like him okay"

Jodie has on a purple Denim Dress,

Janice: "finally quality time with Alex"

Janice of course drags me around making sure to signal to everyone that I'm hers

Sandra: "yeah yeah we see you"

Jodie: "no comment"

We kiss, long enough that I don't want to stop.

Sandra: "J we need to help Jodie!"

Janice: "oh shit (immediately stops our kiss) sorry Alex gotta go"

They run up the steps, I go to the lounge to see the movie collection I had once analysed before.

People start to pour in most of which were Joe's friends and I did not know them, I was engrossed in my movie research before a familiar voice comes through.

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