The Mind of Alex 2.3
The Mind of Alex 2.3 love stories

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Dree and J

The Mind of Alex 2.3

Alex: "oh my god your amazing Janice!"

Janice: "I know babe, please call me J next time! My family calls me J and my friends call me J and you're so sweet"

Alex: "Are you gonna stay the night or!"

Janice: "no I wish, Dad will expect to find me home when he wakes up from the hangover"

Alex: "okay J, let me walk you out or take you halfway at least"

Janice: "you such a gentleman, or are you doing this because a hot girl gave you the best sex ever and you kinda owe her"

Alex: "Both"

"Good answer Alex!" I think to myself, We walk and he tells me all about how life has been since the infant days, His relationship with Jodie immediately makes me Jealous.

His dad and how close they are. I can't help but like Alex though and I was honest when I told him I wanna him more than his friend or fuck buddy.

We walk all the way to my house mainly because he got distracted talking to me, I noticed and was happy to let him go all the way

Alex: "why'd you let me walk you all the way?"

Janice: "well because I like you and I'm happy when we talk"

Alex: "well I guess this is goodnight"

Janice: "yeah I guess so!"

Then he turns and walks away

Janice: "Alex! You're just gonna leave like this"

Alex: "yeah!"

He turns walks about 5 steps and I'm already turning around disappointed and then he jogs back picks me up by my thighs so that my pussy is perfectly on top of his actually hard dick,

always hard like a stallion although the only thing separating penetration are his pants, since I am wearing a skirt with no panties.

We kiss and is this our first passionate kiss, and I feel how excited he is as he grinds on my pussy.

I can't help but moan a bit because I'm so horny, I reach down and unzip his jeans and allow his dick to enter my pussy.

It's so hard and Alex's dick is so perfect for my pussy, it hits by spot almost every time, and I'm dripping for him and we're actually fucking outside my door or the porch.

I'm happy we are because I hadn't cum until Alex got me to cum just now

Alex: "J cum for me, please cum J"

Janice: "well if you ask like that I won't stop

Alex then licks my neck and I'm sent into euphoria because it's now one orgasm then the next and another,

my first multiple orgasms and for someone who has been involved in group sex this was it. Someone who doesn't use me but loves me.

That's what gets me going, and I never wanted it to stop but all good things come to an end

The door behind us opens and Sandra is there

Sandra: "this one is cute J, where'd you get him"

Alex and I are surprised

Sandra: "sorry to disturb but J you're moaning like a truck and I'm sure the neighbours think we're sex addicts"

We still have a shocked look on our faces

Sandra: "anyway sis I don't wanna keep you from cumming all over our front door but you gotta save this for later, mom is waking up okay"

Sandra is older than me, she's slightly shorter but she has it, the ass and boobs, on top of seeing fit to answer the door only wearing her underwear and bra,

Her body was not the same as mine but it was unique, The curves, the petiteness she could pull off and of course, her black skin was flawless

Sandra: "J get in and stop it already"

I was actually subconsciously still going up and down. Sandra pulled me off Alex and into the house.

Sandra: "I knew you liked him J,

Sorry, Alex but it seems you were done Already, anyway I'll see you soon, Sandra closes the door and I walk to the window and wave bye at Alex.

He smiles back hopefully not too frustrated at what happened and walks home. I then glare at Sandra

Sandra: "just looking out for you J"

Janice: "now of all days you care"

Sandra: "J?!"

I walk away before she finishes into my room and I don't know how I feel

Sandra is back I'm happy but she left me I'm sad, Alex made me cum a lot, but we didn't do all we wanted to

"Knock knock"

Sandra: "J please open the door"

I can't I'm already crying thinking about all the stuff we went through

Sandra: "J please open the door..........J please, J I wanna talk, please! I'm sorry okay... what I did to you was unfair, just let me in"

My head is saying no but I can't let my sis cry alone. So I let her in, and we're both too hysterical to actually talk and it's all a lot of mumbling

We end up sleeping together, she tells me about all her failed relationships

How she wanted to be independent and prove she didn't need us but it was to no avail.

Seeing me being so capable, made her hate herself because she thought she'd never been as good as me, never be able to achieve the things I'm gonna achieve.

I was crying again when she told me that, I told her about my school and what I had to do,

about how I was finally happy again with Alex tonight and how I might have found someone I actually like.

We eventually laughed at how she made him cum and not me.

I remember the first thing she said was how cute he was and I even hinted that maybe for his birthday I do a threesome because Sandra is the only girl I would allow to touch Alex if he

were mine that is.

The next morning I woke up we wanted to bake some Cupcakes, they taste so good and I needed to have some fun to try and create a bond.

Mom saw us smiling and having fun in the kitchen she joined in, my mom is not a prude either understanding every single joke we had even the dirty ones.

Like how my cupcakes somehow managed to look good instead of the usual burnt ones I make.

Sandra "must be the Alex effect"

Mom: "forget Alex, it's the every guy effect"

Janice: "Mom!"

Mom: "Sweetie if you knew how many guys I chased way when they came looking for you"

Janice: "Every guy literally just starts like Sandra as soon as they see her"

Mom: "Ohh yes remember Tim, he came over with your father's boss"

I remember he asked to cook with J then Sandra came and said she loves a man who can cook

Tim then said that he was an expert before serving the worst burger I've ever had"

Sandra: "I remember, how do you mess up a burger "

The good vibes we have as a family!

We then went to watch movies and it was a seemingly perfect day, Dad came home and was rather surprised to see us all asleep on the sofa,

He put a blanket over us and then went to shower before leaving.

Weeks went by with Alex and Sandra

Alex was now seemingly getting busier on the farm enjoying time spent with his Dad (I would watch him laugh as they worked together,

Alex wasn't much interested in farming but he did it for his dad) and I was stuck at home with Sandra, well it's not all bad, Sandra kinda does all my chores.

She'd actually come to make amends with everyone, including my Mom and Dad.

Dad was so happy to see her he didn't even let her complete apologizing and Mom was hysterical and that's where we get it from.

Mom looks a bit like her though I'd tell you that, she is actually taller than both me and Sandra but is got my Middle Eastern skin and of course the biggest tits in the house

She wears sundresses because she enjoys wearing more loose clothing,

she's got red and I mean naturally red hair like some sort of unicorn or I don't know and has a real sultry voice compared to Sandra's throaty voice and my schoolgirl's voice.

Anyway, I'd sleep all day maybe try and catch glimpses of Alex working, his sweat reminded me of our first night together and we'd yet to have sex since then.

A bit frustrating but opportunities aren't very easy to find, I understand that, Alex understands that

Sandra However

Sandra: "isn't your pussy craving Alex"

Janice: "we went over this Sandra"

Sandra: "yeah but if my guy was right there and I'd gone two weeks, man I'd fuck him right on top of the crops"

Janice: "yeah sure you would"

Sandra: "don't test me J, I've been stealing your boyfriends for years although I knew you didn't care about em that boy likes me and I will!"

Janice: "well Dree"

I'm afraid of Sandra, she's both sexy enough, Crazy enough and capable of stealing Alex. It's just that I've seen Sandra at work, I learned a lot about how to talk to guys from her.

Janice: "Dree!?"

Sandra: "J?!"

Janice: "You think we could actually ever do a threesome one day"

Sandra: "with who, you're not thinking of Inviting Alex are you"

Janice: "well I know you wanna steal him, I want him to of course if he is gonna cheat, with my permission and not because you coerced him"

Sandra: "I see and you won't mind when he chooses me over you "

Janice: "wait, wait why he would choose an old bat like you"

Sandra: "Oh honey, wanna bet"

Janice: "yeah let's go Dree, I always win bets"

Sandra: "never a bet like this"

Janice: "then I bet that Alex won't cheat on me no matter what you do

Sandra: "okay J loser does all chores for a week"

Janice: "deal"

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