The Mind of Alex 2.2
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Her name is J, and her sister is Dree

The Mind of Alex 2.2


Janice starts dressing up, she does it slowly though l, as if she doesn't want to leave

Janice: "bye Alex, see you tomorrow, you better show up"

Alex: "Uhuh"

She immediately left and soon the downstairs noise which our parents were making was broken up by Janice trying to get her dad sober enough to go home

Janice: "dad lets go, say goodbye"

Her-Dad: "hey Honey, we were just talking about you and your crush"

Janice: "Dad LETS GOO!!"

Man tomorrow might be a great day


My name is Janice, I'm your friendly neighbourhood side chick. Okay, that's a bit extreme. But I've been around the block and the sack.

I went to a prep school and the first thing I realized was these guys are not only rich but morals mean nothing to them.

If one couple is making out and since all other rooms have got a couple making out,

It becomes two couples making out in one room which leads to 3 then multiples couples in multiple rooms having sex. One guy says "yo dude can I join that and you take my girl"

The girl's way too horny to say no agree and there we go, Orgy! These weren't one time things but things that happened often at my school.

I'd eventually partake in one, the girls that seemed to get the most attention were the most attractive, the best prepared or the ones willing to do the most always getting priorities at school

Because of course, the guys' dads owned the school.

That's not to say the girls didn't have a say but if you could handle guys and still be able to appease the girls that are not stealing the boyfriends of the most powerful girls then yeah,

you'd have a very bright future perhaps even an easy life

From full scholarships to gifts like vacations or just straight-up cash from the party host who needed you to show up so that their party wouldn't suck.

All in all, it seemed a community whose currency was the best sex. now when I said I took part in it, I mean I wanted to understand the system and own it

Almost as if the school had a mandatory sex education lesson Girls needed to take, now you're wondering where are the feminists in all this, the ones who protect women's rights,

they were the ones trying to get internships to females organizations, very difficult to get recommendations are dependent on student perception.

Refuse and your application is not looked at twice.

what about the police,

well I'd say it's illegal but the school is at liberty to hand out these recommendations of their own accord so no entity has a say in this and the sex culture is the best-kept secret in

the country. Either that or my parents are stupid!

Anyway, I was one of the best sluts on campus id fucked every guy who of course wasn't dating a girl who could curtail my efforts to win major awards, recommendations, scholarships.

I'd get to go to the school of my choice and I'd started to like sex, perhaps you'd say I was an addict, Well not really though but sex was something I did on a bi-weekly,

and since I was so good I'd always have someone at my beck and call. Now you would think a confident girl like me was happy with her life and well fulfilled but there's still insecurity

I have lighter skin, Lovely curves and I take care of myself, the straight her was inspired by a model, almost wore glasses too,

I managed with a lot of exercises to get that perfect roundness to my thighs, I know a lot about beauty products skincare,

hair care eventually I realized I wanted to be a beauty expert or fitness expert. The one insecurity I have comes from my older sister, Sandra

Now Sandra is 3 years older than me, she's 24 and I'm 21, and well she is your average ratchet, she knows all the cuss words and all the gang signs.

Judging by the fact I think gangs have signs shows how little I know,

Sandra has always had a complex of jealousy about me because the reason for how different she is has to do with the fact she had to go to a public school.

I got everything I wanted and Sandra worked for all she wanted.

Money was scarce when Sandra started high school but when my dad finally got recognized as an intelligent architect and started helping in larger-scale projects instead of small markets.

I moved to prep school while Sandra had already graduated, she'd manage to graduate high school was working during a free time.

Almost as if I'd stolen her childhood, Sandra didn't hate me but the preppier I became the more distant she was

My insecurity was id lost my big sister, Sandra moved out after high school telling my parents that university was not for her.

She'd gotten a job outside the state and was eager to move on, my dad could only agree and let her go and She'd visit during Christmas.

What was weird was never had Sandra told me about a boyfriend, She'd had sex yes but an actual serious relationship was never mentioned, I was beginning to think she was not into guys at all.

She did tell me she was during one drunk Christmas evening a bisexual and just said she spent so much time being an adult that she forgot about social life.

Sandra was still very distant, replying to my messages after weeks.

I'd even stop acting so preppy just so that she'd talk more but when I did it seemed she was put off by it and further distanced herself and whenever I tried to talk to her

last year she'd make an excuse, avoid eye contact. I started hating myself, I remember mom arguing about it.

Mom: "she's your sister and she misses you! You can hate us but she didn't do anything to you"

Sandra: "I just don't wanna talk about this okay Mom, I just wanna eat like a normal family and deuces"

Mom: "Sandra come on you don't ever call. Whenever J sees you she gets so excited but then you look her out, you don't talk to me anymore"

Sandra: "I...I can't, I'm out"

Passing me on the way out

Sandra: "bye J"

She left right there and then

That's the day I gave up, I finished my final year of school without saying a word to her,

It hurt though and I guess it showed as I was no longer interested in orgies or whatever erotic event I'd usually attend to improve my Grades and or earn cash.

It's also amazing how no one has noticed the number of porn stars who came from my school amongst many famous people. So I had gone to the farm this holiday

And I'd spotted someone who reminded me of what it was like to be happy, Alex, when we were kids, I was about 10 I remember playing with him.

He hated the farm but he was so very determined to have fun. and I joined him. We chased a frog all day after he dared me to kiss it so he could meet the prince, we never did catch that frog.

One time I asked him to show me his penis because I'd never seen one before and he said only if I showed him my ass. That's right not my pussy, not my boobs which were non-existent.

My ass because he wanted to see if it looked like his. The innocence was wonderful and also the first sexual thing I'd ever done

I'd play with him and would tell Sandra about it and she'd laugh and say I like him which I'd deny till I cry, and I'm light so I'd get so red-faced when she mentioned him to our parents.

That's around the time my dad and his dad started being best mates again, they had learned together but life had made them lose contact but their children seemed to be close.

It felt like fate and they talked regularly, Dad would joke about What Alex's dad said.

Unfortunately, Alex had completely forgotten about me since I didn't have a phone to actually call him and never visit the farm again because we'd have to work holidays for money.

Until this year our first year back in over 10 years, When I saw Alex I was so excited

I greeted him and he looked surprised I was talking to him, He was so hot too, taller and well developed physically. His voice was warm and clear, yet he seemed so innocent, still!.

I hadn't been this horny in a while, later I went to his place with my dad, they immediately got drunk and started enjoying themselves.

Mom left claiming she was not willing to lift him back home and Alex's mom knew she wasn't gonna talk to a Sober man tonight so she went to bed after their aunt left.

I went to Alex's room, I'd been eyeing him all night and that's when he told me a story about a girl named Jodie, Jodie wasn't exactly unknown,

I knew some young couple lived some plantations away but didn't think I'd ever meet them.

However, the story was so sweet and it reminded me of my natural competitiveness when it comes to sex, I wanted to make sure I'd outdo Jodie's performance, and I pulled out almost everything.

I even called him daddy because of our dad's friendship and the intrigue of it all.

My effort though meant that Alex would cum hard in my face and I'd of course not been completely satisfied but well mission accomplished

Anyway, I was still some way away from being done with Alex, the next day we have a date, we just spend time learning about each other.

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