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The Mind of Alex 1.1


One thing that sucks about the holidays is the idea that your parents drag you out to some remote location and of course, tell you everything is great. I however at my wits and I hate this, I'm a boy raised in the city. I am described as tall short-haired, dark-skinned, my mother is American but my Dad is South African.

Now I understand the importance of family time, don't get me wrong love my family, but that doesn't mean I wanna be miserable whilst being with them.That was the situation, however,

navigating life in the country like a farmer because that's where my parents grew up and it makes them so happy to see their offspring experiencing what they experienced. The farm is basically an open area with multiple building for specific purposes, surrounded by a lot of plantations. At the farm, most of everything is reliant on water.

For drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning and much more stuff, I can't think of right now. In terms of culture, it's pretty outdated with women in the kitchen and men working outside then coming to eat. This can be very boring which is my biggest complaint is probably.

Now while I may not enjoy it. There are some benefits to being here. The first is the fact that it's quiet, meaning I can sleep all day or at least try to survive my misery. Other ways include playing games on my phone, keep in mind no cell service so of course most of my online games don't work and those are the good ones. So let's meet my co-star(s)

Now on a farm, she's the girl who lives next door, I don't know who she is. From what I can tell they my dad and her dad are good friends since Mr Refiloe is always here with his daughter.

I am sitting on the porch and she walks by, she catches my gaze and I gaze back.

Dad: "Alex stop staring and get over here"

I was staring at her and dad noticed. Me and dad like quipping each other, it's our thing you know.

He makes fun of my awkwardness.

I make fun of his age not that he's old or at least he doesn't act old.

Alex: "What you want old man?" I smile at him

Dad: "I know you hate it here but try to enjoy the fresh air"

Alex: with a sceptical face "yeah sure Dad"

Dad: "I need you to go to the tap and get some water" handing me a bucket

Alex: "alright!"

Now I didn't notice what my dad was doing, I'm usually self-aware.

It did seem weird he was sending me out to get water however there were so many reserves I already filled. The Tap was some distance away so yeah, Why not just get some from the large drums

I realized later when I reached the tap walking past the acres upon acres

I get to the tap and start filling the bucket

Then suddenly behind me

?: "Hey Alex"

Alex: "umm ahh Hey" my face is flustered

Why am I so shy?

?: "I live next door, I usually come by with my dad"

Alex: "well yeah I've seen you around but how do you know my name"

?: "oh I kinda asked your mom," she says this with a wide smile and also really weirdly

I could swear she was blushing

Janice: "I'm Janice by the way"

Giving me her hand to shake

Alex: "Nice to meet you Janice, so where's your bucket"

Janice: "I actually just came to talk to you" now I'm blushing

Alex: "why"

Janice: "I'm super bored here and I thought you and I could have some fun or share some interests"

Her eyes are looking at mine as if they're magnets

Alex: "Interests huh, well I'm a pretty boring person"

Janice: "I don't believe you"

Alex: "I'm serious, I was your typical high school nerd"

Janice: "Have you seen yourself lately, you look far from a nerd"

I'm actually well built, but nothing impressive.

Alex: "well I do try to destroy the stereotype"

Janice: "I'm impressed though, Brains and Brawn. Your girlfriend must be so happy"

Alex: "I don't have one"

That's a clever way of finding my relationship status

Janice: "How come?"

Why is she suddenly so excited?

Alex: "it's just never worked out with my previous girlfriends"

Janice: "Well I can't see how someone like you has been single for so long"

Alex: "I'm kinda used to it"

"Try not to cry Alex", I say in my head "the past is the past"

Janice: "so I'm free tomorrow, If you're willing to hang out because I'm sure that's gotta be better than sleeping all day"

So true

Alex: "Cool, I'll be there "

Janice "great!"

She turns and skips away likes she's an infant.

Guess I get to Gawk at her again

Now Janice is a bit taller than most girls and she wears a lot of short stuff or maybe she does it for my attention.

I sometimes catch her looking in my direction when we're sitting together for breakfast with her and her dad

Short skirts and short shorts

She is very Light-skinned, perfectly caramel.

I just love staring at her legs more than anything. She however has a very curvy shape so it's hard to say what her best feature is, just like your perfect Instagram model

Brunette hair long straight hair

I had by this time realized the purpose of my father sending me to the tap

I'm guessing Janice asked a lot about me and my dad took the hint and gave us some privacy

I left after throwing away the water I had filled, no point in hard labour anymore

I got back to the main house left the bucket empty at his feet and walked away

Dad: "NO THANK YOU!?" my dad says this while beaming a smile at me

I waved him off not willing to give him the satisfaction

So I retired to my room

It used to be my dad's room and it's littered with Classic records of Bob Marley and some 90s rap. It's what I'd expect to find from a black dad.

I thought since I wasn't going to meet Janice until tomorrow I'd have to figure out something to do. So I decided to look through his stuff and see what I could find that's interesting

Surely there must be a game of some sort or anything I could read that's actually not old playboy magazines.

That's when I spot a VCR, these seem so old now yet when I was a kid they were so common or seemed like they would be the most modern thing ever. I dusted it off and plugged it in.

I still had to go find a TV and some tapes though, maybe I'd watch some old movies. I went out of the room and heard moaning from mom and dad's room.

Well, they got me excited, normally I'd be freaked out but I'm happy they are still fucking often like a couple of horny teenagers. However, I need to find a screen to watch tapes on.

After some thought, I remember seeing one in the attic so I go up there to check. Dad and I were cleaning the attic so low and behold there it was where I left it.

It was pretty old and pretty small meaning easy to carry. I placed it on the nightstand simply because I didn't have any other place to put it.

Then to find some tapes, I checked everywhere and I couldn't find any tapes which sucks so much, feels I just wasted time "sigh"

Time to sleep then

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