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Just some thoughts


by alexcooperfield

People hide where they feel comfortable or less scared

In this case, themselves

But the door they close won't open now

They get trapped inside them, with all the voices in their heads tormenting their days

They wear a happy look everyday, but that is not what the inside looks like

No one notice the smiles that don't reach their eyes, or the hopeless eyes...

No one bothers to see inside them, no one sees them the way they are

They are trapped and used to the solitude

Used to the way that silence is meaningful and dangerous

With tired eyes, they have the courage to face the fake day they will have, some others surrender to the darkness that their minds are infested of

But they are blind to their state, they wouldn't understand

No one notices their deaths because of the fact that they are still breathing among them...

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nctnana, she/her, intj. i like soft colors.
a year ago
was it here?
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tutormatchCommunity member
2 years ago
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FreyaEliCommunity member
4 months ago
I like to think...

amberroseyandolfan fiction. Romance mainly
6 months agoReply
That basically explained my whole life!! I was abused as a child but now look where I stand... With a very successful job *coughs dramatically* 2 jobs, getting good grades in school and focusing ish on what is important but still feel that dark whole inside me but that never stops me from succeeding in life... I've learned the hard way to look at the bright side and face what life throws at me!!

shanaSilver CommaCommunity member
6 months agoReply
wow, very insightful!