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by alexandrastarke

Caring too much and caring all too little

Anxiety doesn't creep into the back of my mind it explodes like a land mine. Only a matter of time before I step in the wrong place. Sending various thoughts into scattered formations.

Crushing my senses

Dousing my eyes in sulfuric acid, tying my tongue, and puncturing my ear drums, anxiety leaves me drained and unable to fend for myself.

Bed written

Most days I stay in bed anxious about what happens next. what won't happen next? What could possibly happen if I made the wrong decision, on the right day, at the wrong time, in the right place?

Never ending

Anxiety creates infinite inquiries with unlimited answers to match and won't give you so much as a hint to what is the real truth.

Who's really in charge here?

Even with the real truth, how is it the truth in the first place? Who decides what is supposed to be said and done? And who gave them that authority? This is how anxiety gets you.

Deeper than all of us.

When you crave a deeper explanation than what is available to you and getting it back with loopholes left unpatched and possibilities busting at the seams. But that's just how life is right?

Boundaries we've made for ourselves.

No one knows the real truth behind life so we create rules and regulations to keep our minds screaming minds at bay.


The question that keeps my mind up at night, claws through my skin and wipes away all existence, is one that can never be truly answered.


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This was a glorious examination into the "why" behind existence and how it affects us every day. Jean-Paul Sartre would have loved this work of yours. It is clever, metered well, and pointedly addresses​ the subject of existence.

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indeed. why? great post!