The lost life and love
The lost life and love heartbroken stories

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My life - Everyday that pass I just can't understand

The lost life and love

My life - Everyday that pass I just can't understand stuff

I go from happy to sad from sad to happy, up and down...

I've never seen happier days than when I was with you...

I write this now bcs. I have nothing to do and I'm in no mood

I want you, none other than you. If I could just be with you, I would've still been myself

After all those relationships I see none other than myself standing lone on my long road to nothing.

Nothing achieved, nothing in my else, every time I get 1 thing I lose 2 things, every time I fix my heart, I break it and after that I break others,

I have no idea about what I could do to fix my mistakes, I always know others problems but even though, I cant seem to find the issue of me. Is it just me? Or what is it?

Every time I see or think of you I get sad, but the problem isn't you, the problem is that I ruined u and I'm the one of us standing sad at last...

Written by Alexander WaterMan, Date: 10/02/2020, English date.

Written thinking of... Unknown <3

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