Love or Lust?
Love or Lust? sad stories

alexa_nicole GothBoiClique ;)
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This is just something that came from the thoughts of a broken soul.

Love or Lust?

I'm broken because I love you.

I'm broken because I care too much.

But now I have learned to use the past tense "Loved and Cared".

Is love supposed to be a slamming door in the face of someone who truly cares about you?

If you are deeply in love with someone then it shouldn't be a problem when you are faced with the ultimatum of giving up everything for that said loved one, right?

All the talk about a future with that person, all of the plans.

What if all the time, dedication, passion, care, and trust was put into a relationship to only have it diminished by unfaithfulness.

When it is all said and done, would you wish that said person well?

I sit here every night remembering the 10 hour phone calls, late night talks, inside jokes, and the laughs where we couldn't breath.

But I guess it is my fault, because now it's not the laughs that would cause me to not breath.

It's the thought that I lost you to her.

Maybe even the fact that I could never be enough for you.

You always told me that you would love me no matter what.

No matter what scars were left behind from the battles that I was living through inside in my own head.

Maybe, just maybe, I was too broken to be with you.

But I warned you.

You tried to heal me.

You tried to save me from what was going on in my life.

Little did you know, it was myself that you needed to save me from.

Broken, maybe that's the reason that I can't let go.

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