"the sweets of office"
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Source: me this website

Source: me this website

"the sweets of office"


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adjective: sweet; comparative adjective: sweeter; superlative adjective: sweetest


having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey; not salty, sour, or bitter.

"a cup of hot sweet tea"

synonyms: sugary, sweetened, saccharine; More

antonyms: sour, sharp, savory

(of air, water, or food) fresh, pure, and untainted.

"lungfuls of the clean, sweet air"

synonyms: pure, wholesome, fresh, uncontaminated, clean, clear, not sour, not rotten

"she breathed in the sweet March air"

antonyms: harsh, rotten

smelling pleasant like flowers or perfume; fragrant.

"sweet-scented flowers"

synonyms: fragrant, aromatic, sweet-smelling, perfumed, balmy, scented; More


pleasing in general; delightful.

"it was the sweet life he had always craved"

synonyms: pleasant, pleasing, agreeable, delightful, nice, satisfying, gratifying, welcome, good, acceptable, to one's liking, entertaining, charming, inviting, attractive, fine; More

antonyms: harsh, disagreeable

highly satisfying or gratifying.

"some sweet, short-lived revenge"


used to express approval or admiration; excellent.

"Yeah, I'd like to come to the party. Sweet!"

working, moving, or done smoothly or easily.

"the sweet handling of this motorcycle"

(of sound) melodious or harmonious.

"the sweet notes of the flute"

synonyms: musical, tuneful, dulcet, melodious, lyrical, mellifluous, soft, harmonious, euphonious, silvery, honeyed, liquid, mellow, rich, smooth, sweet-sounding, sweet-toned, silver-toned,

bell-like, golden

"she sang the tune in her sweet silvery voice"

antonyms: harsh, discordant


denoting music, especially jazz, played at a steady tempo without improvisation.


(of a person or action) pleasant and kind or thoughtful.

"a very sweet nurse came along"

synonyms: likable, appealing, engaging, amiable, pleasant, agreeable, genial, friendly, nice, good-natured, kind, kindly, kindhearted, thoughtful, considerate; More

antonyms: nasty

(especially of a person or animal) charming and endearing.

"a sweet little cat"

synonyms: cute, lovable, adorable, endearing, charming, attractive, dear; informaladorbs

"she looks quite sweet all tucked up"


infatuated or in love with.

"she seemed quite sweet on him"

synonyms: fond of, taken with, attracted to, charmed by, captivated by, enchanted by, in love with, enamored of, infatuated with, love-struck by, keen on, devoted to, smitten with,

head over heels in love with; More

antonyms: indifferent to

dear; beloved.

"my sweet love"

synonyms: dear, dearest, darling, beloved, loved, cherished, precious, treasured, prized, worshipped, idolized

"my sweet little sister"


used as a respectful form of address.

"go to thy rest, sweet sir"


used for emphasis in various phrases and exclamations.

"What had happened? Sweet nothing"

used to emphasize the unpredictable individuality of someone's actions.

"I'd rather carry on in my own sweet way"


noun: sweet; plural noun: sweets; noun: the sweet



a small shaped piece of confectionery made with sugar.

"a bag of sweets"

synonyms: piece of confectionery, chocolate, bonbon, fondant, toffee; More


sweet foods, collectively.

"Americans eat too many sweets"


a sweet dish forming a course of a meal; a dessert.

"she served up a lovely sweet made with whipped chestnuts and almond paste"

synonyms: dessert, pudding, sweet course, second course, last course; More


used as an affectionate form of address to a person one is very fond of.

"hello, my sweet"

synonyms: dear, darling, dearest, dear one, love, sweetheart, beloved, honey, pet, treasure, angel; querida

"happy birthday my sweet!"



the sweet part or element of something.

the pleasures or delights found in something.

"the sweets of office"

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