The Adventures of Corinna Edevane
The Adventures of Corinna Edevane stories

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Corinna Edevane isn't like any other- with her cruel grandmother and dead parents, how can you expect the day to liven up? Amazingly, Corinna discovers that she has powers, and is invited to join Hikomi Kingdom. What is Hikomi Kingdom? Find out in the book! :)

The Adventures of Corinna Edevane

The adventures of Corinna Edevane

Corinna swaggered slightly and was almost thrown forward into the river as two fatigued kids playing soccer hit her accidently on the feet, making her lose her balance.

She really wanted to tell those kids off for doing it, but she decided to let go, as she slipped back onto the wet grass,

staring into the river and finding her own reflection looking back at her. She put her hands in the water, which was cold.

She washed her face, and opened her blonde hair, which shone brightly beneath the sun, giving her a very light look.

Sighing, she leaned onto the ground, and started picking out roses and other types of flowers.

“Terms human–animal hybrid and animal–human hybrid refers to an entity that incorporates elements from both humans and non-human animals…”

Corinna was giving a presentation at school. The students in the classroom watched as she defined the term hybrid.

“For thousands of years, these hybrids have been one of the most common themes in storytelling about animals throughout the world.

The lack of a strong divide between humanity and animal nature in multiple traditional and ancient cultures has provided the underlying historical context for the popularity of the tales

where humans and animals have mingling relationships, such as in which one turns into the other or in which some mixed being goes through a journey…” She rumbled on and on about hybrids,

occasionally bumping across the wrong line, or making mistakes.

After her presentation finished, there was a short applause.

Her teacher gave her a stern look which Corinna didn’t like, and finally spoke, “According to Miss Edevane, she has given her presentation on hybrids (just like I asked).

Your presentation was fabulous. However, your grade is a C.”

A few kids snickered in the class. Corinna didn’t think much of it. After all, she wasn’t the brightest student of the class, or position-holding, like all those arrogant teenagers in her class.

But what she didn’t like about it was the fact that her teacher hated her, just like the students in her class.

This was something unfair, and she had tried to report to the headmistress, but who’d listen?

She placed her head onto the plain wooden desk, her eyes out of focus as she drifted into a daydream, patiently waiting for the time to go home.

Her physical features were cute, but her clothing was what made her separated from the rest of the teenagers. She had wavy blonde hair and creamy blue eyes.

She wore baggy clothes, which was what she got to wear from her cruel grandmother. She didn’t know the truth about her parents, after all.

She just took care of her (or rather not) and forced her to wear her neighbor’s clothes. Corinna hated Danica Emerson, and this particular girl was chosen to be her rotten neighbor.

The Emersons’ were rude towards Corinna, not to mention Danica, their spoilt and arrogant daughter who was a year big than Corinna, who thought, gritting her teeth,

it would’ve been better if she would’ve been left as a baby.

Danica and her gang of other girls would daily torture Corinna, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, when she spent her time roaming around the town.

That’s why she usually avoided the café, where Danica’s little gang hung. The only place where people didn’t frequently come wandering around, was the forest.

In the middle of the woods was a magnificently beautiful river, and that was the place where the kids played.

As she was bicycling home on a cycle which had a broken brake and the paint was peeling off (her grandmother had bought it from a garage sale last year), she unfortunately bumped into Danica.

“Why, it’s wee Corinna Edevane!” Danica sneered. “What’s Edevane up to? Why are you lurking- AAAHHH!” she screamed, as the bike came running into her.

Corinna tried to stop it, but one of the brakes wouldn’t work, and gradually, Danica received nothing but an excruciating pain in the shins.

“Ugh! Look what you’ve done, you filthy little maggot!” Danica screamed, giving her a push in the shoulders.

I should better get out of here before things get ugly, she thought as she jumped onto her bicycle and raced home, leaving Danica chasing after her.

“I’m home!” she panted as she opened the door and ran straight to her room, locking it and leaving her grandmother shouting beneath her.

“Corinna! Why were you running like that! I shall not allow it upon my house! No dinner tonight!”

But Corinna didn’t care. Gasping and wheezing for breath, she looked out of the window and saw Danica standing out in front of the front door, shouting and sneering.

“Come out, Edevane! You can’t possibly stay there! Or are you afraid? Ha-ha! Not so funny!” she cracked her knuckles threateningly. “Open the door, and I will be easy on you!”

What a liar, Corinna thought. She tiptoed out of her room and lunged for the back door, in case her grandmother tried to stop her and force her to stay in the room.

She shut the back door behind her. And climbed on the fence nearest to her house. And fell into Danica’s backyard. Uh-oh, she thought. If she sees me here, I am dead meat.

She tiptoed(again!) towards the opposite fence and climbed on it and landed below with nothing but a “thud” and an excruciating pain in the buttocks.

Then she went to the road and started running towards the forest, as to avoid from Danica seeing her.

Then she climbed onto the highest tree, plucked an apple, and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. Phew, she thought triumphantly.

Deciding she was safe, she took a bite of the apple, and after a few minutes, without knowing it, she dozed off.

How she came back later was something no one knows. But her eyes were stuffy when she woke up, and she could tell it was night.

Shuddering what her grandmother would say, or probably even beat her, she quietly climbed down the tree and ran back to her house and tiptoed through the back door.

Eventually, she made way into her room without her grandmother coming to interfere between things.

Thinking about sheer luck, she got as quietly as she could into her bed, removing every ounce of evidence which her grandmother would probably pin on her.

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