The girl who hides everything
The girl who hides everything  stories

alex_watson99920 year old writer who loves music&books
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She hides, its not what everything seems, everything's hidden.....

The girl who hides everything

She wakes up with a nausea, ends up vomiting and leaving school empty stomach. But everything is hidden in that make up that she's so sick, not fine.

She knows that 'fine' us hiding a thousand bad feelings and 'nothing' means a lot of things going on..

No one realises that that smile hides all her tears held back,

those fake laughter and smile hides all her pains and those casual talks and so-called friends just show that she's happy but no one hears those screams and cries at night when she's alone.

That's when one day came a guy, saw her and realised that it's not what it seems. It's a lot.

A shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen made all those tears hidden came out, and that's when that girl left when she couldn't hide anymore.

She left and hided while leaving too, and she's the girl who hides.

No one knows where she's, except him none is finding her, for no one really saw the girl who hided. And she's just hiding and left him finding.

They say true love awaits and that too pays and that's when a silhouette was visible, the girl who hided everything, finally came and know it was known why she hided..

She had that fear of being wrong, rejected, embarrassed and being left out and hurt and to avoid it, she hided, that's when she finally learnt not to hide anymore...

She isn't the one she used to be. She proved that time has passed and everything has changed and she's no more the girl who Hides...

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