I wish you had stayed.....
I wish you had stayed..... stories

alex_watson999 20 year old writer who loves music&books
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She left all of us, passing the pain she wanted to let go...

I wish you had stayed.....

She gave up on life to escape her pain and grieve but I wish she knew that when she gave up her life, it didn't end pain but increased it for all of us. For our while life.

Emily, I wish you hadn't gone and I wish hadn't have to see this day, without you, in pain and misery. I wish I could just have a hand to hold and an ear to listen, just like hers..

I'm left here, alone every night and lost in the day. Those good memories had left more deeper scars than those bad ones, when she died in front of me, in the hospital bed.

I still see her mother, a strong woman like her, shows not to show that pain inside her, but I know that deep inside she cries.

She kept so many things inside her, that one day those things drowned her in them and she ended her life.

She couldn't take those "friends", who never treated her well. She couldn't take that abuse which happened to her that killed her deep inside and no one knew.

She kept dying inside, wish she could have ran out of the woods, and wish I or anyone could have noticed.

I wish we could all have stopped her from taking those pills, or could have took her to hospital at time...

God, just never let anyone kill themselves, it never let goes any pain but sure increases it......

For those who were around them.

Even I wanted to die, I could have died but I always stopped myself because of her. Wish she had thought of me! Or us!

I wish you had stayed.....

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