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There's a reason if they call us: The Cat and The Fox of the police.

A single stare

Here I am again, randomly walking in the rain watching the ground, I don't care about the people surrounding me... An employee, a teacher, a carpenter... None of them is intresting...

There's a reason why they call us : The Fox and the Cat.

I need inspiration.

I don't get a case from a month... I'm bored.

I don't have people to meet, I live here from two years and I only know people because of my work.

When he needs someone to help he calls me.

I don't remember how we first met...

Maybe it was a rainy day like this...

It only took us a single stare to understand perfectly what was going on what we needed to do.

There was a man in the middle of the street he was bleeding, he has been shooted twice.

When I heard the shooting sound I runned immediately in the direction of it.

I saw a man coming too he was on the other side of the street.

With only a stare we understood what we had to do.

He stopped the traffic and I run next to the man.

I don't know how he was still breathing.

We looked at each other and we looked in the right direction, there was still a man running away from the scene.

I runned after the man and he called and ambulance.

I caught the man and we arrested him.

Incredible? Yes, it has been incredible.

We understand each other pefectly.

From that episode on we always been like this. We saved each other's lifes several times.

I hope we will work together for a long time...

Maybe one of those times... It could end bad...

My phone is ringing: The Cat.

Fox: Where?

Cat: Est, Hotel Stella.

Fox: Who?

Cat: Later.

Fox: Later.


I immediately arrived at destination.

Cat: Welcome to the action, woman, 34 years old, stabbed.

Fox: Why did they transfer the body through four flats?

Cat: Slowing down investigation?

Fox: so...

We looked at each other

Cat and Fox: They will be still there!


Others: YES SIR

Cat: do we know anything about them?

Fox: It's a man he... In her pocket there is still a little piece of paper. It says: Meet me in room 483. -John

Cat: John... I have the list of people having those rooms where the corpe was drugged... There's no John in there.

Fox: Really?

Cat: Yup.

While we were talking agents were taking away the body.

We blocked when we saw a line written in blood under the woman.

It says: Wait-

Cat: In what sense "Wait"

Fox: Watch carefully she was finishing the word.

Cat: oh...

Fox: who no one of the agents will suspect...

Cat: a Waiter!

Fox: He will be changing in the restroom we need to found him!

We searched at the first floor.. nothing.

The second one... Nothing!

The third one... Nothing.

The fourth one ... we were searching than I heard a phone ringing, it wasn't mine, I looked at Cat but he was the same.

We looked at one of the doors.

A men runned out with a knife shouting :" DON'T MOVE OR I WILL STAB YOU!"

He slowly got through us and run away, we runned after him.

We arrived out of the hotel in the parking, he knew what he was doing.

There was other two mens. We pointed our guns to them.

They had a poor man with them they cloud kill him whatever they needed.

My colleague said:" If you want someone, leave that man alone and take me."

I was worried, I didn't expect that.

He turn around, look at me and he indicate his neck.

They leaved the man to me and Cat has been obligated to go with them.

They runned away got in a car and went away.

I calmed the poor man who was terrified and called others.

I don't know were he is, but I trust him, in someway he's gonna tell us. He indicated his neck.... The case where a child was trapped and told the police were he was through a phone he found.

I remember it 'cause it was the first time that a child did it... The thing was that we found the poor kid choked.

The inspector called: Fox come here, Cat is ok.

Fox: Good, where is he?

Inspector: He sent us this:


Fox: Ok... It's a code... Let me check a second..

Inspector: what could it be...

Fox: Demon

Inspector: What?

Fox: the abandoned farm of Sir. Demon!


When we arrived he farm..... Was on fire... I blocked, my heart stopped... I saw all black...

Then I saw a tube of water, got under the water and then run through the fire.

Inspector: What are you doing firefighter are arriving.

Fox: There's no time!!!


Where are you? Where? Where?


I found him in the back he was fainted, I run out with him.

I got with him at the hospital... Five days later he woke up. He looked in my eyes and we started crying. We were alive, together.

Cat: You really found the code.

Fox: You know..signh... When you are blocked with you hand behind you back the only thing you can do is recreating letters with the positioning of the numbers on the keyboard.

Cat: Another time you saved my life.

Fox: We are partners, aren't we?

Cat: Sure. There's a motivation if they call us the Cat and the Fox.

We started laughing randomly.

That thing that we call "the stare" helped us this time too. Like everytime the only friend I have is the best one and I could never live without him.

(Sorry if there are any grammatical errors but I'm Italian and I struggle a bit)

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