A Desperate Plea to My Future Self
A Desperate Plea to My Future Self letter stories

aletifer I try to play gracefully with ideas.
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What mistakes would you like your future self to prevent, if only you had the foreknowledge?

A Desperate Plea to My Future Self

I've wanted many things with age— Another year, another page Of empty aspirations falls from view But as I list them here below By reading them, you'll come to know Their tired warnings tell you nothing new

I wanted stronger family ties Without the secrets or the lies I wanted for us all to stay together I wanted to preserve my youth To seek myself, to find the truth I wanted all that's good to last forever

I wanted to be self-aware To be accepted, treated fair Above it all, I wanted to be right I sought to make my words precise To be correct instead of nice But wisdom is a ruthless form of might

I wanted righteousness to follow To see unpleasant wretches wallow I wanted all the stupid jerks to pay Instead, I judged too harshly and Alone, I've come to understand My bitterness pushed everyone away

I wanted much, but little gained Regrets are all that have remained: Regrets, and hard-earned cautionary tales Remember this, my one request Its truth alone will serve you best: Without humility, you're doomed to fail

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