Spies In Disguise - Prologue
Spies In Disguise - Prologue spies in disguise stories

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My first attempt at a prologue.

Spies In Disguise - Prologue

The three trainee’s stood in the hallway of a grim, gray building they had entered, per the instructions delivered to them. “What do you think they’ll do to us?” The boy with fluffy, brown hair asked. He was leaning against the wall, his white t-shirt and black pants caked with the dirt from the room. The younger girl snorted. “Most likely solution, they’ll dump y’all. I’m clearly the best.”

The other girl who was sitting down glared at her green eyes, their dimples flushing. “No one is truly the best. I would recommend you get off your high horse. Or, would it be limo since you think you’re the best.” The girl with straw-colored hair shot her an icy stare. “Shut the HELL up, you little girl.” “‘Little girl’ is an understatement, daddy’s girl.” She snapped back.

“I’m not the one wearing the school uniform!” The straw-colored hair girl snapped back, before tossing her hair and stamping away from them. The male coughed. “Sorry about snow maiden over there,” He mumbled. He extended a hand. “Elliot Sleece.” The girl tucked her poofy, black hair behind an ear and extended two fingers. “Neveah.”

He firmly grasped her fingers, then let go. He looked back at the straw-color haired girl, her red ‘Supreme’ sweatshirt also covered in dirt. “That’s Voir, the princess of this place. My parents told me to get on her bad side, which seems opposite at first, but makes sense. She’s just a Barbie doll with nothing to do.” “Cool, I don’t care.” Neveah snapped, then slightly blushed.

“Sorry. I’m still pissed at her.” She apologized. “It’s quite alright,” Elliot responded. “My parents told me about how bad she is.” Neveah stared at him for a few more seconds before she asked, “Who are your parents? They must know an awful lot about this...place to understand her.” Elliot bit his lip. “Have you heard of the Sleece Incident?”

“No,” Neveah responded truthfully. There was something about the name that seemed familiar. Elliot looked to the side. “This place, it’s not what you think. It’s a secret organization called Glacier.” “I’ve heard of them!” She cried. “My parents were agents as well! At least, I think. They died when I was only three.” Elliot took a deep breath. “Well, I do apologize.”

“Anyways, the Sleece incident was-” “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!” Voir snapped, appearing out of nowhere. “Your parent’s were killed, cool. We don’t give a fuc-” The rest of her sentence was cut off by Elliot getting up and punching her in the face. Voir fell on the ground, crashing against the iron pavement. Apart from a small nosebleed, she was okay.

“SECURITY!” She hollered. “GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW, AND REST THIS MAN! HE-HE BROKE MY GLASSES!” Neveah snorted. “Why don’t you do everyone a favor, and shut up.” The wall to the left of Elliot suddenly disappeared, revealing a staircase. Voir smirked. “See? Now, you’ll get out of this building, and I shall be the best!”

Elliot carefully examined the staircase. “I think,” He said after a while. “We should go up there. It seems like the most rational solution.” Neveah nodded, then looked at Voir. “You go up there first.” Voir, surprisingly, obeyed. She stumbled through the doors, then came back down a few seconds later. “A-all clear!” The others followed her up the staircase.

They arrived in a circular shaped room. The walls were black and covered with murder boards and large computers, surveying all the continents and certain places. Lots of desks were placed on the floor, employee’s working on papers. “It is a pleasure to meet you.” The man in the center of the room said. He wore a red half-mask that covered the left side of his face. His right eye was a piercing gray.

His handlebar mustache made him look like Colonel Sanders, except with his crisp, black suit and black cane with a jeweled top, it made him look powerful. Regal, even. “I am Dominus.” He simply said, pointed a black gloved finger at his chest. “Leader of Glacier. You are our trainee’s. You all have qualities that make you worthy for our team.”

“Now, let us start.”

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