Spies In Disguise - Chapter Two
Spies In Disguise - Chapter Two spies in disguise stories

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This is basically Elm vs. Artemis if I'm being honest.

Spies In Disguise - Chapter Two

Arrow didn't have many large victories, for they weren't mainly prepared for most attacks. However, today, they finally had one. They had captured Elm, the quiet, psychotic, childlike Glacier Agent who was next in line for the position of Head Agent. This wasn't a small feat, so Arrow was finally glad they had a victory.

Two people walked into the interrogation room, wearing green opera masks and black robes. They looked like they came straight from the purge, Elm thought. "Today, you are here to be interrogated, Zea-" The first one started, before Elm kicked them in between the legs. "If you say my first name," He said in a sing-song voice, grinning at them. "I'm going to rip out your eyes."

"No," The second person said. "You're going to spend the rest of your days in a cold cell, being interrogated, wishing you could." Elm cocked his head. "Oh, I don't think so." An uncomfortable moment of silence passed before the first one sighed. "Alright, we're first going to start with-" "LOOK OUT!" The second figure screamed, bringing down the first.

Elm pulled a tack out of his pocket and sawed the ropes before covering his nose as a chemical bomb entered the room. When the gas faded, two agents stood in front of him. Artemis pulled his red, almost black, hair out of his eyes. "I see you haven't changed. It's been a month since we've-" "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Alex snapped, pushing him out of the way.

"C'mon, we have to go," Alex growled, playing with Elm's black hair with purple stripes. He swatted Alex's hand, his trademark grin fading. "Don't touch me without my permission, you idiotic emo with your stupid nose ring." "Shut up," Artemis snapped. "We have to go, and we don't have an exit option apart from Apollo." He indicated the second figure.

"No!" Elm squealed, backing away and falling over the chair. "We are NOT following an Arrow member!" Artemis sighed. "Look, I know how you feel about Arrow, but we can trust him. He's my brother." Elm let out a crazy laugh that lasted for two minutes. "Your BROTHER? AN ARROW MEMBER? YOU ARE A GLACIER MEMBER!"

Alex socked Elm in the face. "Shut UP. We all have screwed-up pasts." Elm let out a tiny chuckle and wiped the blood from his nose. "Never! By the way, Kinskey, you look stupid." "I don't mind people calling me by my middle name, so that's not an insult," Alex growled, hitting him again. "CAN WE PLEASE GET TO THE POINT?" Artemis screamed, reaching his limit.

"This is stupid," The second figure growled, pulling back his hood and throwing off his mask. He had the same hazel, almost orange, eyes as Artemis, only paler and more anger-stricken. "We do each other favors, and THIS is how you repay me?" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY HOW YOU REPAY HIM?" Elm screeched, pretty pissed off. "We...sorta work together," Artemis muttered.

"Alright, that's not important!" Alex cried. "We need to get out right now. I just got a text from Kai, they got information on Arrow." Apollo sighed and glared at them, but hurried them out of the interrogation room, into a garage, and towards a jeep. "This has enough gas for three hours," He explained as Elm got into the driver's seat. "Enough time for you to get to your main building."

"Finally, away from the drama," Alex murmured, sitting in the back. They drove away from the building and into their own.


Kai was at the garage to greet them when they came back to headquarters. He handed Alex the briefcase. "Open this, Kinskey. And, when you're finished, I need you, Artemis to get to the security room. We have surveillance footage we need you to go over. Elm, get in my office." Alex took out a small lockpick, shoved it in the lock, and pulled it out. "Here."

Kai nodded and took the briefcase, walking toward his office with Elm. It had black walls, two large murder boards on each, a large window on the back window, and an oak desk. "So," Kai started, opening up the briefcase and shifting through the contents. "I am sure you are aware that we are getting three new agents." He nodded, grinning like usual.

"One of them," He pressed. "Is Elliot Sleece." Elm's grin faded and turned into a look of disbelief. "You're kidding me. A Sleece, in our own workplace?" Kai sighed and nodded. "Sadly, yes. I doubt he knows how much the Sleece name means around here. I doubt he even knows about the incident. Of course, we gave him a simple truth of his parent's death...."

Kai leaned forward closer. "I would like you to be Elliot's S.O. Train him to use his resources to his advantage. Keep him under pressure. And, do NOT let him know about Artemis's brother."

"If he finds out, we'll all be in trouble."

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