Spies In Disguise - Chapter Three
Spies In Disguise - Chapter Three spies in disguise stories

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Spies In Disguise - Chapter Three

"What are you doing?" Neveah asked, looking over Artemis's shoulder. "I'm doing a high-stakes game of FNAF," He joked. "Like the kids in that game, I will stuff you in an animatronic suit if you don't shut the hell up." Neveah backed away. “Woah, I’m just making a joke.” He turned in his chair, glaring. “You must be new.” He hesitated, then extended a hand.

“Artemis Storm. My friends call me Art. You may not call me that.” Neveah shook his hand, but gave him a look. “Neveah Singh, trainee agent.” He let out a tiny laugh. “Makes sense. A stupid trainee annoying me, having nothing else to do.” Someone coughed from behind them. It was Alex. “Neveah, I need you to come with me.”

“What is it?” She asked as they headed towards a slightly less crowded area. “Boss wants you to look through some files, or something’ cause he’s too lazy to do that.” Alex mumbled, opening up a rusty door. The room was filled with ceiling-to-floor filing cabinets which was overflowing with files, boxes, and much more. It was very untidy, to say the least.

Elliot was working through one of the cabinets when he saw them. He gave them a cheery wave before going back to the cabinets. “You’re looking for a file dealing with an incident called The Emberence, m’kay?” He patted her on the back before walking away from them. She walked over to Elliot, sitting down next to him and opening a cabinet.

“So, have you made any progress?” She asked, pulling out a thick box and slicing off the tape which covered the box. Elliot shook his head, putting the file away and pulling out a new one. “I don’t know about most of this stuff. I’ll admit, they’re giving us a lot of responsibility to look through this. I mean....” He stopped. “I mean, there are more rooms and this is the one for trainee’s.”

Neveah pulled out a picture of a woman. “Looks at a woman who would drop out of college and eat dog food, don’t it?” Elliot gave her a look. “This is serious, we need to pay attention to this.” “Jeez, I’m just making a joke.” She grumbled, putting it away and shifting through more stuff. She pulled out another file. “Hey, do you understand Russian?”

Elliot looked at it and examined it. “Not much, but I know a few phrases.” He set it down after a bit of looking. “Something about Russia and a deployment of weapons.” They continued to look through the files until Elliot finally pulled out one. “Ah, here it is!” He handed her the file. Neveah got up, but stopped when she saw Elliot pull out another file. “What’s that?”

“It’s a level five file,” He murmured. “I’m gonna go put this back.” Neveah shrugged and walked out of the room, turning on her radio and calling for Alex. Elliot just stayed there, looking at it. It read ‘THE SLEECE INCIDENT’ in all caps. He looked at it for a few more seconds before he tucked it under his arm.

“This better explain what happened....”

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