Spies In Disguise - Chapter One
Spies In Disguise - Chapter One spies in disguise stories

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Those who haven't been in the parts at all, don't worry. You'll be in Chapter Two.

Spies In Disguise - Chapter One

Thorn was reapplying red hair dye when Elizabeth ran into the bathroom. Her chestnut hair was tangled up and she was wearing all gray and magenta. “Hurry up, we gotta go.” She snapped, pouring all the dye on his head. “Thanks,” He growled, putting his gold glasses on. “This takes forty minutes to get in.” She shrugged. “Screw it. This will take just a few hours or somethin’.”


Kai was leaning against the wall of the bank when Elizabeth and Thorn finally arrived. “You’re late,” He simply said, giving them a sharp look. Thorn scoffed and looked to the side, a tad bit embarrassed. “Well, someone needed to dry his hair.” Elizabeth teased, giving Thorn a little smirk. He simply flipped her off.

“Whatever,” He snapped. “This is important. It has to deal with Arrow.” Now, he had their attention. “Alex Rowdan, one of the top members, has been working at this bank for a week, trying to get information on some of the richest people here.” Kai explained. “We need to take him out, then get into the files here, and take them out. They have good information on there.”

Kai threw some disguise’s at them. “Put these on. Thorn, be the guest. Elizabeth, be the business woman. I’ll be a security guard.” “How will you get that-” Thorn started, but stopped when they heard footsteps near them. They got behind a dumpster as a guard walked over to a generator. He did a few things to it, but Kai got behind him and knocked him out.

“That’s how.” Kai said, taking off the man’s shirt. “That’s disgusting,” Thorn murmured, but hesitantly put on the costume. As they walked into the bank, Elizabeth pulled out a phone and pulled up and image of their target. “There he is!” She pointed out, indicating a young male with dirty hair. “What should we get first? Files or him?”

“It will be suspicious to see you two walking around the security rooms, so I’ll do it. Elizabeth, go to the office. It’s near the security camera’s, so it’ll be important for you to disable them. Thorn, use your abilities to get in the vault and kill him.” With that, Kai turned towards the second floor and hurried towards the security room.

He couldn’t open the door for it had restricted access, but with the key card from the guard’s pocket, he knocked out the other guard and logged into the computer. “Security footage, bank records, vault codes...he downloaded PornHub?” Kai made a disgusted face and deleted that. “Ah, File A.W.” Using a USB drive and a few tricks, Kai downloaded up the files. Then...

BANG. Something crashed from below him. Kai cursed, hurried outside, and arrived to chaos. The other security guards were shooting at Elizabeth and Thorn. Alex’s dead body lay to the side, a bloody file in his right hand. Kai quickly threw one of his knives at the nearest guard. “What the HELL happened?” He asked to Elizabeth who was shooting at another guard.

“Well, Mister High-and-mighty got Alex to give him important information.” She explained, shooting the guard in the head. “Of course, Alex caught onto the gig after he gave Thorn the file, due to standard protocol, he had to kill Alex, and I wasn’t able to disconnect the camera’s in time.” There was another bang and they turned to see Thorn turning a gun on the guard.

“We gotta go!” Thorn cried, snatching the file. “C’mon, to the floor!” They hurried towards the manager’s room and wrenched open the window. They climbed up the ladder towards the roof. “Take this,” Kai growled, pulling out a sniper from the duffel bag he had grabbed. “The enemy helicopter is coming.” Thorn threw the sniper back towards him. "Why? I'm good with knives, not guns."

"Didn't you say your 'aim was perfection'?" Kai protested, glaring. Thorn blushed. "I-not that aim!" Elizabeth gave Thorn a pissed-off look. "You sex pervert," She snapped. A faint noise broke off their argument. They saw a helicopter with a red circle with a black arrow in the middle on the side. "Shoot it!" Kai snapped.

Thorn adjusted the sniper and shot the main rotor. It fell towards the ground, crashing into the deserted street. "I still don't get why we had to do that," Thorn protested as they headed towards the helicopter. "Trust me, we did," Elizabeth said, shooting the two guards in the cockpit. They hurried inside.

"Jackpot!" Kai cried, pulling out a large case from under the seats. "We'll need to get Alex to unlock this, but apart from that, we're good." "Yeah, and, they have a good stock," Elizabeth added, showing a bottle of vodka on the driver's seat next to the dead pilot. Thorn made a disgusted face. "You're going to drink that?" She nodded.

"I'll get a car to pick us up," Kai murmured, pulling out his phone. "By the way, did you hear the news? We're getting new agents. Apparently, one of them is Elliot Sleece." Elizabeth dropped the bottle, a look of awe on her face. "You're kidding me, right?" She let out a tiny laugh. "A Sleece, in our own department! You think he remembers?" Kai shook his head. "No, he probably doesn't."

"It's best if we not tell him at all."

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